1. islam had killed 60 crore othere religion people in the name of religion since its birth and they are still killing look at the terrorist what they are doing in the name of religion and if you want to know about killing of othere religion people by islam just go and googled it .

  2. and as for as islam is concerned in islam sunni is killing shiya shiya is killing sunni.kurd is killing sunni and sunni is killing kurd example syriya iraq pakiatan iran saudi arab afghanistan libiya and where not and these dumb talking about brotherehood peace .first stablised peace in your religion dumb muslim.and one thing sunni is very radical muslim not othere muslim are as radical as sunni example osama bin ladden bagdadi all is sunni muslim

  3. muslim in india were hindu at one point later they adopted islam due to sacred of violence of turkish ruler so in a sense most of muslim d.n.a there is hindu blood is circulating in muslim body the true muslim is saudi arab muslim not asian muslim .

  4. Haramjado non Muslims ko Pak Bangladesh mein rehne nahin diya jata Pak mein 23 percent non Muslims ko har tarah se crush Kiya jata hai unke liye India ke alawa koi desh nahin non Muslims ke liye India unka natural country hai. BBC tumhara kaam hai illegal immigrants ko USA and UK ki baat karo. Ye Arfa ek jehadi hai Gazwa e hind karke 100 crore hinduon ko markar Sharia lana chahti hai.

  5. Are bhai sirf jo ghuspaitiye muslimo ko nikala ja raha hai… to es lady ko kya problem hai.

    Bahut sare Muslim desh hai, jinko problem hai unko Muslim desho me jana chahiye! Muslim ke liye to pura world gaand patak patak ke bhokta hai!


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