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Anne Boleyn viewers left feeling ‘sick’ after watching gory moment she’s executed in barbaric’ finale

ANNE Boleyn viewers were left feeling “sick” after watching the gory moment she was executed in the “barbaric” finale.

Jodie Turner-Smith, who is married to Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson, is starring as Henry VIII’s second wife in the Channel 5 drama, which follows Anne’s hellish final months.

Channel 5

Anne Boleyn viewers were left squirming after watching gory moment she was executed[/caption]

It depicts the tale of Anne, who was famously executed at her husband’s command for treason.

In tonight’s concluding episode, Anne was found guilty of adultery after it was claimed that she had betrayed her matrimonial vows.

She was found guilty of plotting the murder of the King and was sentenced to death.

The stomach-churning moment left fans squirming as they witnessed Anne’s brutal demise.

Channel 5

Anne was sentenced to death for treason[/caption]

One repulsed viewer posted: “#AnneBoleyn this is making me feel sick. They are so barbaric. Poor Anne.”

Another shared: “Being beheaded is actually mad, so gory. #AnneBoleyn”

A third added: “Well that was gloomy as hell. #AnneBoleyn”

“Beheaded. Mad mad mad. #AnneBoleyn”

Channel 5

Some viewers were left wincing at the thought[/caption]

Viewers watched Anne as she was imprisoned and then receive the news that her execution had been scheduled.

Anne was then told that her brother had also suffered the same faith and was executed with “three strikes”.

Channel 5 viewers saw Anne make her final journey and then kneeled in front of a crowd, before she was gruesomely executed.

Viewers have praised Jodie Turner-Smith for her “incredible” performance as Anne Boleyn after her casting as the Tudor Queen sparked a race row.

Channel 5

The shocking moments were aired in tonight’s finale[/caption]

Viewers flocked to Twitter in herds to share their praise for Jodie’s performance.

One tweeted: “Just watched #AnneBoleyn @MissJodie is incredible. Fierce, passionate, so intelligent and serenely beautiful. #myAnne.”

A second wrote: “I really enjoyed #AnneBoleyn and was gripped by the brilliant portrayal by @MissJodie.”

“Anne Boleyn on @channel5_tv was a slow burn, but @MissJodie was perfect in the role! #AnneBoleyn,” said another.

Channel 5

Channel 5 viewers watch the brutal scenes[/caption]

Another fan gushed: “I bow to Queen @MissJodie Crown loved the portrayal of Queen Anne Boleyn in episode 1 just now.

“We saw Anne’s sharpe tongue, rashness, temper, caring and charitable side. A very fair portrayal in my view. Looking forward to the next two episodes.”

It comes after Channel 5 sparked a race row by casting the Black actress as the Tudor Queen, who was a prominent white historical figure.

Jodie has faced much backlash from trolls over her casting but thankfully many viewers have been rushing to defend the star.

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