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Dance school owner Christel Agard attended Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Grand Théâtre de Provence in Aix-en-Provence, France, on April 6. She was amazed by their efforts, the techniques, and the precision each dancer exhibited on stage.

“I find this show absolutely extraordinary, there are at the same time many similarities with traditional classical dance as we know it here, but in a much more harmonious, poetic way, which makes us dream. So the costumes are extraordinary,” said Christel Agard, a classical dance teacher and founder of the Passion Dance school. “So are the dancers. A lot of technique. There, I’m amazed as a dance teacher.”

“I think they are wonderful dancers, both the dancers who belong to the ballet, to the corps de ballet, since I am quite sensitive to that, and the solo dancers,” she said. “We can see that there is a very, very high quality in the dancers’ performance. Not just the soloists.”

“It’s a set, it’s a great perfection,” she added. “Really good job. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. I want to think in future shows for my students about something that will not look like this, of course, but that could be inspired [from this] because it is a great discovery for me.”

“I think he has a very beautiful voice, it’s true that [he has] very beautiful uses of naturals and of resonators,” said Patrick Agard, a lyrical singing teacher. “It’s very graceful, there’s a beautiful set, that’s really what we remember, it’s really a perfect set. And above all, to really know your true traditions in depth, rather than the traditions they want us to see, whereas here I have the impression, we have the impression that they are really traditions that come from the heart.”

“It’s moving because … I find that there’s humility and such greatness side by side,” said Stéphanie Guichard, a singer. “I thought it was superb and then there is all this relationship to nature, this relationship and also benevolence and all this communion precisely between men, nature, I find that it is highlighted in the show.”

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