While searching for the giant turtle named “Tiger” in a pond slated for demolition, Turtleman comes across another snapping turtle that puts up quite a fight!

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  1. Omg I hate this Man U can't hold a turtle by its tail bc it's connected to there spine and it hurts them and it also can paralyze them! I would know my dad works with animals and he loves and studies turtles also he's a vet so yes I would know but this is bad for there spine and u can't just catch them for fun bc that's also scaring them and they can also hurt u if u mess up even just a bit. Btw don't even reply to me if u don't like the truth. Ur probably gonna say this. What have u owned a turtle before. And the answer is yes I did I raised it bc it was hurt so I took care of it. No I did not handle it. I put it in the small pond in my back yard. And he still in there to this day. I own many animals bc my family loves all animals
    . If want proof that it hurts them look up turtle EX-Ray and look. Btw u may not see him do it in the video but when he use to be on TV I saw him do it ALL THE TIME


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