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Image caption Colin North was heading towards the presentation area in the middle of the track when he was hit from behind by a tractor, the coroner said

A coroner has called for urgent action to prevent possible further deaths at stock-car events after a sponsor was hit and killed by a recovery vehicle.

Coroner Louise Hunt said some cars were “doing doughnuts” as Colin North, 60, walked along the track to present trophies at Birmingham Wheels Raceway.

Ms Hunt said there were no safe areas or walkways for “many pedestrians moving around the track” near vehicles.

Birmingham Wheels and organiser Incarace have been asked to respond.

Mr North, of Banbury, died at the scene in Bordesley Green from multiple injuries on 16 November.

He had been involved in motorsport events for more than 20 years and was presenting trophies for his employer, Teng Tools.

Hit from behind

When he headed towards the presentation area in the middle of the track, all race vehicles were still there, Ms Hunt said.

He was hit from behind by a large tractor being driven on to the circuit.

The senior coroner for Birmingham and Solihull said she had not concluded her investigation into his death, but had become “extremely concerned” about the safety of stock-car racing events after watching TV footage.

She said she understood further events were being staged and warned there was a “risk future deaths will occur unless action is taken” and has sent a report to Incarace and ORCi [Oval Racing Council International] and other organisations.

“The TV recording of the event shows that as soon as the race is concluded the gate to the only entry and exit point is opened,” she wrote.

“There is a complete lack of awareness of the risk to pedestrians on the track who are in very close proximity to large recovery vehicles.”

She called for urgent action to ensure people had clear, protected walkways and safe areas, an urgent review of when and how pedestrians should be allowed on the track during race events, and urgent action to review the prize-giving procedure and consider moving it away from the centre of the track among moving vehicles.

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