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Bloke tips drinks cart girl $300 with notes RIPPED IN HALF in bid to win date… but she has the last laugh

A DESPERATE golfer tipped a drinks cart girl $300 with the notes RIPPED in half in a bizarre bid to win a date… but she had the last laugh.

Unimpressed Cassie Holland told thousands of Tiktok followers the pushy bloke was “the dumba** that lost $300” on a Las Vegas course.


Money for nothing – an idiot golfer tried to bribe Cassie Holland into a date[/caption]


Cassie Holland notched up thousands of comments after posting her video[/caption]

Holland has been dubbed “the cheeky new golf cart girl taking TikTok by storm with her encounters and interesting interactions with male golfers” by Golf Magic.

She recently asked her more than 535,000 Tiktok fans: “I just need to know if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else?”

Speaking from a golf cart in Nevada she held up several ripped up notes in her hands, while looking glumly down at them.

She asked: “What the hell is this? $300 in half!

“So how did we get here? You’re probably thinking someone tried to trick me and short me, but oh no, this man had bigger plans in mind.

“So this guy was buying a bunch of drinks – he had his friends with him, he was buying them drinks, he was tipping good, he was being really nice.

“And he told me he was from out of town, and asked if I could go to dinner with him.

“I was like ‘no that’s OK, I can’t tonight I’m busy’. He’s like, ‘well cancel your plans, and come with me’.

“I’m like ‘I can’t, thanks for the offer though’.

“He says, ‘well I was really hoping you would go with me’. I was like, ‘well why don’t don’t you go with your friends?’

“And then he takes these out.”

She holds up the ripped notes.

I didn’t really lose anything, he’s the dumba** that lost $300.

Cassie Holland

Holland continued: “He says ‘look I’ll give you these now and if you meet me in front of this casino at 9 I’ll give you the other half’ – so clearly he already had this whole idea planned out.

“And I’m like ‘no, no, I’m not gonna take it, don’t do that’.

“So this new group pulls up, and him and his friends leave, and when I get back in my cart I noticed that he put the ripped $300 in my drink holder!

“So now I have this just completely useless $300, just $300 down the drain that nobody can use because I’m not going – this is why our country is in debt!

“And at first I was mad, but I didn’t really lose anything, he’s the dumba** that lost $300.”


Holland said: “It’s not like I can show up and get the other half up front and then leave, because he’ll probably start trying to start problems with the golf course, so now I don’t know what to do.

“I wonder if he’s ever done this before, and if it’s worked?

“Because I can understand once you have the three halves you probably want the other ones.”

She joked: “It’s funny because he probably thinks he’s a genius, but he really just lost $300 for nothing.”

Torn notes can be exchanged through your local bank – but only if more than half of the original bill remains.

After the shocking video racked up hundreds of thousands of views – not to mention comments – the panicked bloke reportedly returned to the course, to offer Holland the other halves of the ripped notes.

I’m going to be accepting this as an inconvenience fee.

Cassie Holland

In a follow-up video she said: “So guess who showed up today? The guy that gave me the $300 ripped in half.

“Yeah, turns out he saw my video and realized what he did wasn’t very smart.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, if I’m going to let $300 slip away, I might as well give it to someone that might do something fun with it’.

“I’m like, ‘well, I’m glad you’ve had a change of heart. I think I will go out to dinner with my friends.

“He’s like, ‘great, take pictures’. When in reality, I’ve got some bills to pay. So I’m gonna have to figure that out.”

Holland said the pushy bloke tried one last time to snare a date with her, but she rejected him a second time.

She added in her vid: “Buddy, if you’re watching this, thank you, but like I said to you before, I’m going to be accepting this as an inconvenience fee.”


What a rip-off, but sassy Cassie shamed the bloke on Tiktok[/caption]

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