Israel has targeted a Hezbollah military squad in southern Lebanon. IDF forces claimed to have used more than 100 artillery shells, along with battle helicopters. The Lebanese Prime Minister has reportedly called US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, along with France’s top diplomat, to discuss the events and ask for them to intervene.



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  1. Typical Murk-style (or zionist style? who started it?) reversal of cause and effect. Expressed best in the whole "defense industry" bullshit.
    Amazing that Israel didn't fire a barrage of nuclear missiles. … Maybe they reserve that for when a Lebanese official coughs in their direction disrespectfully.
    Oh well … this is a good way to drain the USA of funds. Just prod Israel and let them burn up millions in military funds.
    Build some straw huts and keep firing firework rockets from them.

  2. Hezbollah released the footage …BiBi caught lying again , " not a scratch" yes correct.. the video shows its an explosion that ripped it into pieces thery didnt scratch the boombed the F out of it , he forgot that Hezbollah porn consists of them filming each operation they handed ur ass to u .

  3. As the years pass by, Israel will have no defence, super jet fighters will be rendered useless and highly sophisticated armoury will be just "playing toys"; Israel's reliance on USA's economic aid will be fragile. Thus geopolitics of Israel will be downhill trend!

  4. Satanyahu lies when he opens his Mouth.
    We saw US using White Phosphorus in Syria, now Israhell use it.
    International Laws are DEATH.
    UN is a useless Theater.
    Human Right Organizations are now paied Trolls.

    Thanks to Zionism that owns US, Europe.
    Their beloved Home Israhell.

  5. "israel" does not qualify as a legitimate country, as it refuses to declare its borders. It makes war on its neighbours to justify stealing more and more land from them. It was, in fact, founded on stolen land. No one gets a pass on "Thou shalt not steal", regardless how Chosen.

  6. What is the Lebanese government absolutely imbecilic that they would ask America to intervene against Israel? America are Israel's attack dogs we are their fucking lap dogs! We do whatever Israel says. Is Lebanon that stupid???


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