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Celebrity Gogglebox’s Roman Kemp leaves viewers shocked as he discusses ‘manscaping’ while wearing tiny shorts

CELEBRITY Gogglebox fans didn’t know where to look tonight as Roman Kemp sported “tiny shorts” while discussing “manscaping” with famous dad Martin.

The radio DJ, 28, flaunted his toned thighs in the attire with one viewer tweeting: “Roman is nearly hanging out of them shorts”.

Celebrity Gogglebox’s Martin and Roman Kemp swapped tips on ‘manscaping’ tonight after watching Naked Attraction

The Channel 4 show kicked off with Martin, 59, swapping shaving tips with his son after being forced to watch Naked Attraction.

The Spandau Ballet bass player said he uses a razor down below, telling his son: “Always while sitting on the loo, full gone.

“Well sometimes I don’t mean to go all the way and it just happens.”

Roman replied: “It took me a while to figure out my stance when manscaping because it’s quite difficult for a guy.

“You sit backwards on the toilet. That’s a game changer. So you face the lid, and then …”

The pair swapped tips on manscaping

Viewers reacted to the hilarious chat on Twitter, with one writing: “This needed a warning. I about fell off the bed 😂😂

Another said: “😂😂 thanks @romankemp for that top tip 👌🏻👏🏻

And a third typed: “Sharing manscaping tips with his son. Modern day parenting at its best. #Gogglebox.”

Others were left swooning at Roman, as one said: “@romankemp in shorts though 🥴🥰🤤 #CelebrityGogglebox”

Another wrote: “Roman Kemp legs akimbo in shorts is quite the Friday night treat… 👀 #CelebrityGogglebox”

Martin and Roman were forced to watch Naked Attraction on Celebrity Gogglebox tonight

Roman recently revealed he’s currently single and has no love life — and girlfriends would just get in his way.

He said: “I am far too tired to date. I’ve done it all — dating apps, I’ve chatted to people on Instagram and all that kinda stuff.

“But when it comes to actually meeting up, I just can’t be bothered. I honestly can’t.”

Instead, the I’m a Celeb star said he is putting all his energy into his Capital FM show.

Speaking to the Football, Feminism and Everything in Between podcast, he said: “I genuinely feel like I’m you know, realistically, who is my girlfriend and who am I married to?

”I’m married to, selfishly, my show.”

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