The Chinese government has responded to the landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates in the Hong Kong elections by emphasising that the city will always be ruled from Beijing – and has warned against further protests. Pro-democracy candidates won almost 90 per cent of seats in local elections. The result is being seen as an outright rejection of Carrie Lam’s leadership and a huge show of support for the anti-Beijing protests that have been going on for months. Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports from Hong Kong.

Part of the BBC News at Ten coverage.

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  2. The difference between communism and democracy is —– plenty. In democracy, you can say what you think without thinking. Only in America that is called the 1st Amendment. In democracy, everybody has an equal rights to feel superior to the fellow. Not in communism. The next fellow spies on you to report CCP. Ha ha ha ha ha. This is true. The most important Principle of Democracy is even the wrong guy has equal rights. Not in China. The wrong guy get a bullets. Ha ha ha ha ha. Long Live US Democracy for the Hong Hong people. Time to kick CCP ass!

  3. Well now that the human Rights bill has been signed by President Trump that's part of the story… China needs American pork and soybeans they better play along other countries don't have enough to export like America does to feed China.. with a Chinese politician starve their people let's wait and see everybody is Born Free it's so wrong to put fear and control in the human

  4. This shows the protestors have been right all along. Chinese want to re educate hong kongers, maybe make a special prison in china, like they did with many thousands of muslims already

  5. As a student from China mainland, I am aware that westerners know little about China and truly misled by the western medium after returning from the western countries. The governments are very responsible, professional, highly effective and care about everyone in need. The governments help people to get rid of poverty and receive high-quality educations, funding plenty of students to study overseas every year. They become more patriotic and self-confident after understanding both China and western countries. I assure that westerners will think differently after knowing China better.

  6. MISREPRESENTATION BBC STYLE. THE BIASD BROADCASTING CORPORATION is merely pushing MI6 agenda- to drive a wedge between Hong Kong & China. Fortunately, BBC lacks credibility even in UK, not to talk of the rest of the world. One China, One Motherland.

  7. The Communist Party of china targets to transform HongKong people into slaves by brainwashing the minds. HongKong people now take risks to strive for democracy and freedom in this long-lasting protest because China has tens of millions of low-class population keep invading Hong Kong to alter the population structure and deprive the resources in Hong Kong. Totalitarian regime has powerful control tools. Close Earsdrop & Surveillance -Population Migration Control-Detention Camp-Murder-Twisted News from the Party’s Mass Media-Incitement to Nationalism & Hatred-Police Terrorism-Forced Demolitions of the Citizens’ Property. In the context of China's prosperity, social justice cannot be appealed, since materialism and money is the only aspiration of the selfish Chinese nowadays. The riches keep transferring the wealth to the west to avoid the confiscation by CCP

  8. I have a feeling that is going to be the new sign of Hong Kong resistance, possibly Chinese locals depending on where it goes from here or I should say what CCP'S next f%%% up turns out to be, 5 fingers representing the 5 demands. Kinda curious if it will evolve from demands to something else. Historically speaking such a thought can't be seen as ridiculous since symbols do have a tendency of growing into greater ideas. The eagle for example was the symbol of Rome now it is a frequently used symbol for democracy or Republics even. One thing is for certain it is evident that the 5 finger hand is becoming a powerful symbol of resistance.


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