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A father from Shanghai designed a safety cabin to protect his child from coronavirus, as footage filmed on Friday shows.

The special suit, inspired by the popular action game ‘Death Stranding’, is made of a cabin with a filter inside and a screen showing the air quality. A special entry with gloves allows the parents to reach the baby anytime.

“Because I like scientific movies and games, the structure of the safety cabin is similar to the game Death Stranding, I checked the character in the game,” explained the father.

Cao Junjie also said he developed the pod to carry his baby outside, and that the special suit allows him and the whole family to take a stroll outside despite the outbreak of coronavirus.

As many in China are taking precautions against COVID-19, the special Death Stranding suit, that he will reportedly attempt to patent, is for the creative father a way to navigate the coronavirus-hit outside world.

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  1. Kojima : The game was set in near future where humans were facing with invisible unknown threat to their lifes and people avoid going outside due to the fear toward the danger so they rely on delivery man who faced with countless strugle.

    People : haha Ok Kojima


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