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Coronation Street fans convinced Corey Brent will kill Asha Alahan after she tries to drug him

CORONATION Street fans are terrified Corey Brent is about to kill Asha Alahan after he caught her drugging him.

The killer – who is played by actor Maximus Evans in the ITV soap – murdered Seb Franklin in a violent assault and Asha has been determined to prove it.


Corey catches Asha snooping through his phone[/caption]

In tonight’s episode she told Seb’s mum Abi about her plan – and together they decided to drug Corey to get access to his phone to search it for evidence.

She pretended to be interested in sleeping with him while she slipped the drugs into his beer.

But after the drugs kicked in, Asha told Corey exactly what she thought of him.

“Corey?” she said. “Sleep with you? You make me feel sick just looking at you.”


Asha told Corey what she thought of him[/caption]

Taking his phone, she held it up to his face to unlock it before going through his messages and apps.

But as she searched through everything, Corey came to and when his phone went off he realised she was holding it.

“What are you doing?” he said menacingly, having caught Asha in her scheme.

Corey’s ringtone woke him up and he saw Asha holding his phone

Is Asha in danger?[/caption]

And fans are terrified he’s about to claim another victim and kill Asha.

One wrote: “Oh, this is not good for Asha! Corey is going to kill you!”

A second said: “Uh oh! Asha is in trouble!”

Another added: “Asha in peril! – Mayday! Mayday!”


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