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Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny Connor devastated as Johnny puts the Rovers up for sale

JENNY Connor is devastated as Johnny puts the Rovers up for sale next week in Coronation Street as Daisy plots to get rid of buyers. 

It comes after Jenny confessed to cheating on Johnny with Ronnie Bailey while he was in prison. 


Johnny tells Jenny he’s selling the pub[/caption]

Next week, Johnny holds a staff meeting and breaks the news to Sean and Emma that he’s selling the pub. 

Later, Sean finds Daisy trying to flog Double Glammy products to Carol and does his best to put  her off. 

Afterwards, however, Daisy persuades Sean that, with his help, she could make a great sales rep. 

Jenny is gutted

Will Sean agree?

Later, Daisy hatches yet another scheme as she tries to see off potential buyers at the Rovers, and tells Jenny they need to raise the cash themselves to buy the pub. 

Will Jenny agree to the idea?


Daisy tells Jenny they should raise the money to buy the pub themselves[/caption]

Corrie viewers were gutted when Johnny ended his marriage to Jenny in recent scenes after she confessed to her affair with Ronnie.

Jenny was forced to choose between exposing Sharon Bentley’s identity as drug dealer Harvey’s aunt, or keeping her fling with Ronnie a secret. 

But after being tasered in the street by Sharon and realising Rita was in danger, Jenny realised she had to come clean to Johnny to expose the villain.

Johnny admitted he could never forgive her and ended their marriage, leaving Jenny heartbroken. 

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