A daily briefing on the coronavirus outbreak in the UK



  1. This government has been a step behind on every level. Schools should have shut two weeks ago as for the Nhs no urgent operations should have been cancelled a month ago. I am very shocked how slow number 10 reacts to this virus, even though other countries have shown us the way.

  2. There are so many scared people out there right now, scared beyond belief.
    Not so much scared of an invisible 'virus' but worried about their lives and where they are going.
    How many have mortgages, jobs under threat or gone? Then there are the loans to be paid back.
    I can see why people are in such a state, but they are not alone and they should remember that.
    The government wants you to be panicking because you are easier to control when they 'get heavy'.
    If people calmed down and used restraint they wouldn't have an excuse to bring in bigger measures, which none of us really want.
    Beware the paid shill channels asking for draconian laws as they are government sympathizers.

  3. This is all being done to protect big business and to protect pension funds… They dont care about renters and sole traders who are being given nothing but being told to sign on and told that we wont be evicted for 3 months…. Future prime minister for reading from Dominic Cummings hymn sheet? Give me a break….

  4. STEP 2. I give this information for the people off the UK that you share listen to the information provided .The UK government as asked you the UK public to Refrain from public gatherings to stop unnecessary contact. If you the people off the UK do not take these measures seriously the next step will be to put in place a lockdown I,e martial law which will begin in the city off London .people off the UK it is your own responsibility to protect yourselves and your family don't live in the false science off security that you are immune from the covid 19 virus please share and listen to this information to protect yourself your families.

  5. The thing is, how do homeless people isolate? They are venerable. Its ok to give hand outs of billions but we will be paying it back as the government will claw it back someway that will start a huge recession with added brexit. Trying to stay positive for the future but this is reality. Recovery mode

  6. One one had a clue what was happening at our local comprehensive fri afternoon. I would have thought plans for key worker, special needs students would of already been drawn up by now…………The possibility of school closure has been on the cards for several weeks .

  7. other countries should strt learning from the Brits. Its a treat to see their PM coming out everyday with measures to help the country. Small details like putting messages on podium to tell people to do the right thing. thumbs up!

  8. Been self employed for over 20 years and I’m getting 9 % of my usual income with outgoings of 70% of my normal 3.5k take home a month for last 10 years as a bricklayer. Where’s my help. I will be on the streets ,jobless and my credit rating wrote off by 3 months time. I may as well kill myself now… I already suffered anxiety for last 7 years . World is falling apart

  9. Boris Johnson and the UK government you state that lives will be saved but what about the suffering off the families the life,s that have already been took that more off the UK population are going to suffer and die ? off the true harsh fact that we the UK people are not dealing with a strain of influenza or a disease but a biological weapon that were created in a war labrotary in the wuhan province off china The covid 19 virus sits in its dormant stage at 4 degrees centergrade it's genetic make up is taken from a species off snake the human immune system cannot build it's own natural defence that certain organisation,s wanted to purchase the covid 19 virus for its Sole purpose that it were created which were Intended to be released in the USA in 1919 It's sole purpose is to distabalize a country.s economy to a economic crisis which the steps now and then are in place or shall we use the. term RESET. that if you the British government are aware off this information that the British people should know this information I stand and act that these people responsible should be brought to justice off the fact that British families are dying and suffering ? I do not and the British people do not live under the rule off a dictatorship if I am arrested for voicing sharing this information that another stands in my place .

  10. You should start now across london in out do disinfection maximu as muchest you can this will definitely stop this epidemic people should stick eachother like in china

  11. What will they do with the uk airports, I know Manchester airport has taken right steps by closing 2 terminals but what about heathrow & Gatwick airport there workers are at high risk they are front line greeting passengers and not provided with any support apart from saying yes isolate yourself but you will only get £94 sick pay a week even if they have 6 people at home to feed with that £94 pounds. So what will they do about the airports I was thinking i understand it's hard but there must be some help. These workers can bring the viruse to the airport and take it home to there loved ones, and the bus drivers and those who work in buses and those who work helping passengers get to one terminal to a nother. It's not just about pubs restaurants and gyms, take everyone seriously those are humans too who are working in airports, they are serving your country and risking there lives by going into work in this critical situation.


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