South Korea has stepped up measures to contain the spread of the deadly new coronavirus, as confirmed infections rose sharply for a second day.

Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said it was now an emergency situation.

The southern cities of Daegu and Cheongdo have been declared “special care zones”. The streets of Daegu are now largely abandoned.

South Korea has also locked down its military after several soldiers tested positive for the coronavirus.

The authorities have also told about 9,000 members of a religious group to self quarantine, after the sect was identified as a coronavirus hotbed.

On Friday, the country reported 52 new confirmed cases after 53 on Thursday. South Korea now has a total of 156 cases making it the largest cluster outside mainland China and the cruise ship docked off Japan.

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  2. The malfeasance of the S. Korean government in its handling of Coronavirus is yet another indication that S. Korean government

    have neglected the most important reason that the government exist for and that is to protect it's people.

    S. Korean President Moon is still allowing 10k Chinese nationals to fly in from China on daily basis and is powerless to close the border, as he is paid and controlled by the CCP. Up to 70% of S. Korean congress have accepted money from the CCP, and they are too busy selling off the key economic sectors to the CCP to protect its citizens and answer to the will of the people.

    I hope the S. Korean military can intervene and remove this corrupt president, along with the corrupt congress, and protect it's citizens and restore national sovereignty.

  3. chinese and korean rejected Jesus Lord. They forgot help and love of Jesus Lord. chinese and korean forced people to drink soju, work more then 8 hours, made foreigners a lot of pain, DID NOT WANT TO KNOW HOLY BIBLE, DID NOT KEEP JESUS' COMMANDMENTS. So now God Lord punished Godless people. Lord send them 5 times more pain as they made pain to me and other foreigners. And He can make them very very poor and stupied like they were in the past. Lord Jesus gives goodness to kind and holy people.

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  5. China is freaking liars.. Theyre not telling the truth about the real numbers affected on this coronavirus… Theyre protecting their image… Atleast southkorea is being honest with it, letting us be more aware on how really fast it spreads

  6. Some people are trying to steal our achievements because they're allies. We were loyal to each other until the end, but you treated us like a virus. Now you'll change your attitude when a vaccine comes out of Korea, right? That's disgusting.

  7. Poor people. What is the Chinese government doing now? Don't you feel sorry for the people? What's the point of being so stupid? I want you to take action right now.🇨🇳 I trust you.

  8. An excessive testing in South Korea led to the shortage of beds in hospitals and the exclusion of critically ill patients, which increased the number of deaths there. Do not repeat the same mistake.

  9. As 10k Chinese nationals are flying into S. Korea on daily basis for free medical care(coronavirus) and to apply for permanent
    resident status, S. Korean president still refuses to close the border, as he is paid off and controlled by the CCP, along with the 70%
    of the S. Korean congress, who is too busy selling off the key sectors of the S. Korean economy to the CCP.
    S. Korean military should step in to clean up the CCP infested S. Korean government, who no longer answers to the will of the
    S. Korean citizens.


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