Fears are growing that the coronavirus outbreak could become a pandemic as new cases are reported around the world. The virus, which emerged in China, has spread to at least 29 countries.The World Health Organization has said the world should do more to prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic.

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The worst-hit countries are intensifying their efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus as the number of cases globally surpassed 80,000.

In South Korea, infections have risen again, taking the total to 977. Americans have been warned against all but essential travel to the nation.

Italy and Iran are both battling to contain outbreaks of the virus.

In Japan shares slumped on Tuesday, reacting to a global plunge on Monday sparked by fear of further outbreaks.

Wall Street and London had both suffered big drops. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource



  1. Stop blaming and lets start making moves. Italy was not prepared because they were not given correct numbers to work with to prepare. It is devastating that they are going though this. We must be proactive. They have warned us. Thank you Italy for warning us. All we have to do is look at their numbers they have given and know we have to prepare like no other. It is not time to be afraid, but to all do our part to help.

    I do think if you can stay home unless you have to leave for items such as groceries. Many have to even not feeling well because they dont have another way. Provide delivery services to those that feel sick so they do not have to go out for survival needs. Pharmacies …utilize a delivery service for the ones that cannot get to you because they are not feeling well so they dont come anyway. Limit the spread in anyway possible. We are basically being told to chill in our homes…considering what other courtries are facing lets be grateful and praying for those affected much worse right now. Eat healthy sleep..pray and give to those if you can by sending what you are able to until the government can take care of us in this unexpected time which they have said they will be helping , but first for everyones immediate health needs:

    Important to know: The point of staying home is to prevent everyone getting sick at one time. It will not be as bad if it is over a period of time because we will have what we need if people get sick over months. Not everyone can get sick in the same week as Italy is showing us and doctors are trying to say. But if this happens we need to be prepared. The following is just an idea:

    First: Begin manufacturing ventilators.

    Second: Prepare staff and bring on more staff. Train if needed. Prepare rooms for healthcare to sleep and rest in between shifts so they can battle each day. Keep them healthy, encourage them, they need a quiet environment either in the hospital or near by that provides a place of peace and rest to go and fight to save lives. They will be working around the clock and will need fresh minds to take this on.

    Third: Use hospitals as ICU units only. Prepare more ICU beds.

    Fourth: Begin cleaning gyms, stadiums, and areas that are easy to disinfect …large areas with surfaces that can be treated now and begin placing beds and equipment and using the empty spaces now to provide more space for those that do not require ICU but are close to hospitals if the need occurs.

    Fifth: Nursing homes and the elderly are being hit hard we know this, so bring the ventilators to them. Utilize this space ..transferring can be dangerous and sending doctors and healthcare teams to these locations will help. Set a part of these places up as temporary hospitals …why transfer elderly and cause even more stress. Let them stay and bring help to them instead of pouring them into an overcrowded hospital that is going to be overwhelmed. Even an ambulance ride can be so hard on our elderly 🙁 Lets help those who have spent most of their lives caring for us.

    Researchers: Share knowledge …skype eachother dont meet together. Healthcare worldwide share all you know for this is not a time to withhold information or worry about who gets the next patent.

    TeleHealth ..great plan! This can be used for Triage for the ones that do not need to be hospitalized and will prevent overflow before it happens.

    Lets fight together instead of pointing fingers taking more than we need at a time. We need to allow for our Leaders to react and think clearly. Please media have a heart….think before you speak. Give facts and stop interupting leaders when they are talking. Allow them to answer and speak when you are called on …please. It is different right now, everyone is going to need to be different.

    Psalms 91

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  3. First of all, Coronavirus is not influenza. For details, you can check it up in internet.

    Based on Chinese experience in past 2 months in a condition of the whole county was blocked and people are forced to wear mask in public area, death rates is 4.5% in the severe area where lack of resources ( too many patients), like HUBEI province where the virus was first reported but 0.5% only in an area where is enough medical resources (much less patients) like Guang Dong.
    ( P.S. unfortunately dated 13 March 2020: Death rates of europe is 4.1%, 1506 out of 36294; death rate of Italy is 7.1%, 1266 out of 17660)

    There are early stage and late stage of the disease. As long as you are admitted and have treatment at the early stage, you will be fine within a month. However if it get more severe to the late stage without treatment, and care, it is fatal. Some people do not know they are affected, but when they know it already late stage, then nothing can do about it but by your immune systems. Due to the resistance of quarantine, some people hided their travel history and symptoms, then when they are admitted to hospital, already too late. This is how the first death case of Guangdong happened. So please go to have a test if you have any symptoms or you are a close contacts with any confirmed patient.

    Actually with globalization, you don’t know whether you are affected or not cuz there is incubation of coronavirus. if you are in severe area, it could take 0 day to be affected; the median days is 4 days; 13% of cases takes more than 14 days to show the symptoms. Therefore the quarantine days is set to be 14 days to make sure a person is virus-free. The reason why mask is encouraged to all cuz it is difficult to identify who catch the virus till his symtoms turn out. For example, A is going somewhere to meet some people to do something and he is confirmed as positive. he travels by plane, by train, even by bus where he have met, talked to or touched a group of strangers which we call B, then he finally arrived to meet his colleagues, friends, or family which we call C. it is easy to identify C if patient A is confirmed and make them quarantined. but what about B? therefore, China government requested everyone to wear mask cuz you really don’t know whether you are B till your symtom shows up. To protect yourself and others, mask is a must if you go out. Plus China has utilized its transportation and population database, CCTV and other technology to find out those B. Moreover, with publicity of B area, like flight Number, train number, community number, office address, buildings, parks, shops, malls etc., we get to know at its soonest whether we might be a possible B1, B2… so that we can take necessary actions by ourselves at its soonest.

    Chinese people wakes up with habit of checking increase number and have self check whether we or our family or friends have been to those place where B group has been nowadays. To be honest, it is quite depressing in the past 2 months but Thanks God it works.

    Masks are only encouraged to confirmed patients cuz there might have no enough stock in many countries ( no mask manufacturing factory and China is controlling export since Jan), so some governments have no choice but to make a resources prioritization. Sadly, the prioritization has been already developed to who to save and who to save first in some severe area recently, which happened also in Wuhan in January.

    Chinese were told to wear mask in public place (by emergency law) or stay at home back since January till now. The mask is to protect others as well as yourself.

    There is nothing we can do but to wash hands, stay at home, go out only when necessary and wear mask if you go out. Plus, more love and more care for those who are around us. We are only separating virus, not humanity.

    God bless! 🙏

  4. its the fault of the CHINESE PEOPLE .. sorry to say that!

    They are unhygienic and superficial…
    I had a chinese girlfriend, sorry to say, but it's true!

    Just google chinese supermarkets…

    Meet is just laying there without any protection….

    How can people be so stupid?????????????

    Now the shit is here and in China is everything okay again ???!??!?!?!?!?!

    WTF ?!?!?!

  5. Pandemic, my ass. In many countries, even ones that have this virus, five thousand times as many people have already died from the flu as have died from this "DEADLY" virus.

    This is purely a media driven pandemic. The vast majority of people who do come into contact with it won't even know it. At the very worst, they'll think they have a mild cold.

    The people this virus kills are ones who would most likely die from any respiratory virus.
    The simple fact is that had this been mistaken for a flu virus, no one would be panicking, there would be no "pandemic", and every news organization in the world would be wondering what to write about or report. It would be a slow news day everywhere.

    WHO panics over every vitrus. Remember the Zika virus about six years ago? It was supposed to be deadly, too, and we were warned about the upcoming pandemic. But the media didn't play along with that one, and nothing significant happened. Just like now. Nothing at all significant has happened, but the media is milking it for a thousand times what it's worth.

  6. Your not laughing at us preppers now are ya . I wonder how many people out there have no preparations what so ever and how many of them are kicking themselves in the ass thinking I wish I had been a prepper all these years.


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