He’s been the victim of fake news, so what does Denzel think about all the information out there?

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  1. Allusion to keep man’s minds troubled into not looking or seeking God. Biblical.

    People must understand what Christ says; “don’t worry” about anything just seek God.

    Don’t worry about your body or what you put on or what tomorrow’s up too.

    A person can die from many and anything. Too much or too little of: sleep, food, oxygen, atomic booms, volcanoes, hitting your head, an ant bight, a fish bone, fat, skinny, hot, cold, bees, flees, gangs, pee, laughing, etc.

    Just Seek a God.

  2. That's why I came off Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Just cycle after cycle of nonsense. Social media was definitely using me. I was addicted to the constant stream of information. And it's only when I came off that I realised how worthless it all was. All the memes, fake news, celebrity drama, it's all worthless and a comllete waste of time.

  3. Denzel is old school no matter what decade your in,he ain't for blacks he ain't for whites,he's for humanity in all world's, keeps his personal life's out if it and enjoys just being who he is,

  4. BBC – a great example of biased fake news – and paid for by the tax payer of course – – – have you noticed how the BBC only talk negatively about Brexit ? – I don't suppose they get any funding from the European Union by any chance ?? – – – – – – – – YOU BET THEY DO !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Very true. The BBC has lost its credibility in pursuit of ratings. The sensationalist reporting is now on par with any of the other so called news agencies. We as licence payers should expect fair unbiased reporting, but this no longer exists unfortunately.

  6. He's acting out a roll…. nobody in Hollywood breaks their Faustian bargain and  goes unpunished… not even DW…. they're grooming him for some future psyop…As we all  saw,  during the Hillary campaign, they all molted their skins and showed us the Hollywood serpents that they really are ! … don't believe this fraud… he's being prepped for something… who knows what.

  7. I always liked Denzel's movies, but I never realized how intelligent he is. Listen to this guy! He's smarter than the entire Democratic party, and probably 90% of Hollywood. And nobody listened to him.


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