She has previously dated Ireland rugby star Seán O’Brien and GAA legend Aidan O’Shea, but now Mayo GAA star Sarah Rowe is hoping to meet her perfect match with a little help from her parents.

arah (26) spends half her year Down Under playing Australian Rules football and while ‘Tullow Tank’ Seán (34) and athletic Aidan (31) are now water under the bridge the beautiful blonde has cast her line out to see what other fish there are left in the sea.

Helping her find the new man of her dreams are her proud parents Alan and Gráinne, who have teamed up with her on RTÉ’s Celebrity Pulling With My Parents to try and track down Mr Right.

“I have had boyfriends most of my life but over the last three years I have been going between Australia and Ireland,

“So six months in Australia and six months in Ireland – it’s quite hard to sustain a relationship,” admits the teacher from Ballina.

Sarah has sport in her veins.

Her grandfather Paddy Jordan was a member of the famous Mayo squad that won the 1951 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final – the one with the alleged ‘curse’ and the last time the county won the Sam Maguire.

Not only does talented Sarah play inter-county Gaelic football for Mayo as a midfielder, but she has also represented Ireland in soccer at senior ladies level. She currently plays with Aussie Rules club Collingwood in Melbourne.

The 5’7″ star dated 6’2″ Seán O’Brien up until late last year and she confesses that sport is more her priority than boyfriends.

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“You sometimes need to be quite selfish, because you wake up everyday and wonder ‘how can I be a better player today?’,” she reveals.

“So, you take into account so many things in that, what you sleep, what you eat, what you drink. People [and] the energy you surround yourself in and it does take a really understanding individual to put up with it as well. “I’ve had guys dating before [saying] ‘Can you just miss training there on Tuesday?’. I’m like, ‘Don’t even ask that question!’.”

She is pensive when asked what her ideal partner would be.

“Well, you obviously want them to be supportive, but you also want them to be independent and to be able to kind of live their own life as well.

“I think that’s where it’s a bit of 50/50 split, ‘you do you, I’ll do me, and we’ll meet in the middle’.”

Her mum would like her to find a “nice lad who goes to Mass.”

“She needs her own space, she can’t function without her own space,” observes Gráinne. “They cannot be needy or they’re gone.”

Dad Alan says Sarah is “straight up the boy I never had”.

Sarah says she has used dating sites in the past.

“I’ve used Tinder and I’ve used Hinge, more so when I’m hungover, a bit needy, looking for attention,” she reflects.

“On a Sunday morning maybe you are looking for validation, you are a bit needy. You are kind of like ‘oh I wouldn’t mind a bit of attention now’ and then you might get a few likes. You might look at the app then and then you might not look at it again for weeks, depending on the mood you’re in.

“‘Do you want to shift me?’ like, straight to the point, no messing, he doesn’t even say ‘hello’. And you’re like ‘I’m alright’.”

She confirms her parents would be more conservative.

“Mum and Dad are quite old fashioned in their beliefs and Mum would say to me something like ‘does he go to Mass?’ and I’m like ‘I wouldn’t say I’ve asked him that question Mum, it wasn’t a topic of conversation that came up’.”

She admits her parents would be taken aback with the messages she sometimes gets online.

“I think my parents would be a bit horrified by the stuff they would see on the apps, the messages you receive or photos you receive,” she confirms.

She reads out to her startled folks some of the comments sent to her.

After helping her choose an outfit for her new picture on Tinder, Sarah’s parents end up picking one lad who takes their fancy, dashing personal trainer Deaglán (25).

The parents then scour a local park looking for a second date for their daughter.

At times they are put off by lads they think are too young but then settle on handsome sports journalist Daniel (27)

Viewers will have to see which of the two bearded lads she chooses go on a second date with and whether it perhaps leads to a long-distance relationship.

Celebrity Pulling With My Parents RTÉ 2 Wednesday 9.30pm

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