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Does Kate divorce Toby on This Is Us?

THIS IS Season 5 ended on an almighty cliffhanger which saw Kate about to marry her boss Phillip.

The final scene was five years in the future, because in present day she is still married to Toby.

  • WARNING: Contains spoilers from This Is Us season 5 finale.

Is it the end for Kate and Toby on This Is Us?[/caption]

Does Kate divorce Toby on This Is Us?

As season five came to a close, in present day we saw Toby accepting a job in San Francisco, which would mean living away from Kate and their children for part of the week.

However, next we were sent five years into the future, and Kate was preparing to get married again to her boss Phillip – say what?

This left fans with their jaws on the floor because as far as we know, she is still happily married to Toby.

This means the couple look set to split up sometime between 2021 and 2026, but we don’t know why.


Fans thought they were a happy couple[/caption]

There has been no hint of marriage problems, apart from Toby becoming depressed after he lost his job.

But we do have to look at the option of Toby passing away.

He has been very depressed, and we could see a situation where it gets too much for him and he takes his own life


Kate looks set to walks down the aisle with Phillip[/caption]

Do Kate and Phillip get married?

Going by how season 5 ended, it looks like they do indeed get married.

We only saw Kate and Phillip getting ready to walk down the aisle, so whether they actually do, is still up in the air.

Fans will also want to know how Kate and Phillip got together.

In present day the pair don’t exactly get on, and more importantly, Kate is still married to Toby.

However, as mentioned, we did see Toby accept a job in San Francisco, which would mean he would be away from Kate and their children.

Does this mean Phillip and Kate get together when Toby is working away?

Sadly we have to wait until next season to see how things pan out.

When is This Is Us season 6 on TV?

The sixth season is expected to air fall 2021 and to wrap up in May 2022.

The final episodes of the show will likely explore any new developments from the end of This Is Us season 5 and tie together all the intersecting storylines between the past, present, and future. 

So be prepared for the emotional saga’s big ending.


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