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EastEnders fans call out glaring blunder with Fitzy’s police uniform after brutal knife attack

EASTENDERS fans were left unconvinced by last night’s stabbing scene as they wondered how a policeman was not protected by his stab-proof vest.

Viewers called out the scene’s lack of realism which showed Callum Highway’s policeman pal Fitzy being stabbed in the stomach.

Fitzy fell to the ground after being stabbed by Kat’s mugger

Several fans took to Twitter to express their views with one saying: “#EastEnders totally unrealistic police officer stabbed in this stab proof vest.”

Another wrote: “When I read he was getting stabbed, I assumed it’d be somewhere visible, like his neck or shoulder.

“How tf did he stab him in the stomach whilst he has a stab vest on??”

Others believed that the scene fell flat and lacked feeling, with one viewer tweeting: #EastEnders something very wrong with how that stabbing was filmed – there’s definitely a sound effect missing? It has no emotional impact”

The mugger stabbed Fitzy where viewers believed his stab proof vest would protect him

Fitzy was stabbed after he and Callum chased down Kat Slater‘s mugger, attempting to arrest him.

Callum was keen to arrest the mugger so he could prove himself to his father-in-law, Phil Mitchell.

Fitzy was reluctant to go after the mugger, but Callum convinced him it was the right thing to do.

Callum convinced Fitzy to help him arrest the mugger
Callum looked on in horror as Fitzy fell to the ground

The scene was made more tragic as Fitzy had previously revealed he had plans to propose to his girlfriend that night.

After Fitzy realised why Callum was so keen on catching the mugger, Callum said: “Look this ain’t all I am… but it is what I do and it’s what we do. That’s why I’m nicking him today with or without you.”

Fitzy smirked and said: “Come on then, lets have him!”

But their chase ended in tragedy when Fitzy was stabbed by the mugger in the stomach, as Callum stood frozen to the spot.

The mugger told Callum: “You ain’t taking me nowhere.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One and is available to stream on iPlayer.

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