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EastEnders Jessie Wallace shows off huge back tattoo that’s hidden when she plays Kat Slater on the soap

EASTENDERS’ Jessie Wallace showed off her huge back tattoo that’s hidden when she plays Kat Slater.

The actress, 49, stepped out in a black summer dress to get petrol for her car in North London on Tuesday.


Jessie Wallace revealed her huge back tattoo[/caption]

However, as Jessie stepped into the car, she flashed her huge back tattoo that would normally not be seen by fans.

It includes a reindeer standing atop the wings of a huge bird.

Above that is a pattern, which appears to be the Wiccan symbol of the Triple Moon.

It features the waxing and waning crescent moon in a full moon circle.


She wore a black dress that showed off the intricate designs of the tattoo[/caption]


The top symbol appears to be a representation of the moon goddess in Paganism[/caption]

Kat Slater doesn’t have this tattoo to our knowledge, as she’s normally wearing an animal print jacket.

Kat is currently down on her luck after being mugged on her way back from her sons’ school.

Next week, she’ll be fuming when Phil Mitchell is too busy focusing on Callum’s betrayal to listen to her when she tells him about the mugging.

Later, he apologises and suggests buying the launderette so that they can run it together. 


Kat was recently mugged on EastEnders[/caption]

Then in yesterday’s episode, fans were shocked to see one of the police offices investigating the mugging get stabbed by the man.

Callum and Fitzy spot the mugger that matches Kat’s description and chase him down the street. 

Disaster strikes, however, when the mugger stabs Fitzy.

A horrified Callum challenges the mugger but he gets away.


Phil offered to buy her the launderette[/caption]

Fitzy gives Callum the ring he was planning to propose with as Callum calls for backup. 

When the paramedics arrive and it’s touch and go, and Callum is clearly struggling with the situation. 

When DCI Arthurs calls on Callum to check he’s okay, he finds him distraught and blaming himself.

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