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EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher splashes the cash on botox and fillers for HUGE career change

TIFFANY Butcher splashes the cash on botox and fillers for a HUGE career change next week in EastEnders. 

Tiffany will decide to venture into the world of social media influencing when her husband Keegan is shortlisted for a street food competition.


Keegan is shortlisted for a street food competition[/caption]

Tiffany tells Keegan they should set up a social page as a couple and he agrees it sounds like a good idea.

Tiffany calls a beautician to help her get prepped for a shoot for her new beauty profile. 

When the beautician suggests fillers and botox, Tiffany agrees straightaway without thinking the decision through. 

Will she regret it?

Elsewhere next week, Stuart and Rainie head to the police station to inquire about Abi after Max snatches her. 


Tiffany decides she wants to become an influencer[/caption]


Tiffany agrees to the beautician’s suggestion of fillers and botox[/caption]

Meanwhile, Karen, Bernie and Tiffany go to their first weight loss class, where Karen and Tiffany are no help whatsoever.

Bernie later sees Rainie and exaggerates how much weight she’s lost in the hope that she’ll reconsider her offer to be her surrogate. 

It’s clear that Rainie is even more determined to have a baby now that Abi is gone.

Will Rainie accept Bernie’s offer to be her surrogate?

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