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Emmerdale spoilers: Liv Flaherty suffers devastating ordeal as she turns to booze to forget trauma

LIV Flaherty suffers a devastating night as she drinks to forget her harrowing incident this week in Emmerdale.

The student – played by Isobel Steele in the ITV soap – has turned to booze because she thinks she’s murdered her ex boyfriend Vinny Dingle’s dad Paul Ashdale.


Liv Flaherty hits rock bottom as she turns to booze AGAIN to forget her incident[/caption]

Liv has been downing the drink to try and cope with the guilt.

Her brother Aaron tried to intervene and stop her addiction but she wasn’t having any of it.

To escape her problems she went to go and see her mum Sandra in Wales, who also has an addiction to alcohol.

She confided in her mum, but Sandra wasn’t interested in trying to help her.


The youngster travelled to Wales to see her mum Sandra[/caption]


The pair got very drunk together and Liv had an epileptic seizure[/caption]

The mother daughter duo decided to drink their worries away and Liv had an epileptic seizure when they were both heavily intoxicated.

Her mum didn’t even realise that she was having one and just thought she collapsed because she had too much alcohol in her system.

Clearly shaken up about the seizure, Liv turns to the bottle again this week.

There has also been a young boy riding around on a bicycle near her mum’s caravan and it looks as if someone is watching her.

In recent weeks Liv has been drinking to cope with her guilt about Vinny’s dad Paul

Her brother Aaron is very worried about her

Will Liv be okay?

Luckily Aaron’s former flame Ben Tucker agrees to accompany him on his trip to rescue Liv.

After struggling to find her, they eventually cross paths with Liv and her mum at the caravan site.

But are left worried when they find out what’s happened to her during her time away – will they be able to get Liv to go back to the village?

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