Danny Miller opens up (Continued…)

“There were loads of things that happened in my life that are far too deep to go into. But it makes you think. Of course  I was depressed. I was a young lad in a television programme who ignored all the personal stuff that was going on, like your first proper heartbreak with your first proper girlfriend, it’s awful.

“What I know from my small life experience that I’ve had from leaving school to now, is that there are so many things out there that make you angry or make you hate life.

“But for me, I was always thinking I was just going to deal with the problem head on and whatever comes out of it comes out of it, but the depression and anxiety of things was making me go: ‘I’m not dealing with this well because I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know who I am.’”

Danny went on to say depression runs in his family and his loved ones begged him to go on medication.

He added: “Being a bloke, I didn’t need that. I got there and the doctor asked me three or four questions about anxiety and depression on a questionnaire. I got halfway through it and he went ‘are they were honest answers and I said ‘yeah’.

“He said don’t even bother with that test, you need help and he did, he gave me help. It took about six or seven weeks and I was like ‘these pills are b****ks man’. Eight weeks in and I was like OK, I’m starting to feel like I want to go out again.”

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