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  1. What is wrong with people. I don’t care if it’s your “tradition” your still hurting animals. Horses and bulls at rodeos get tasered they are not “wild horses or bulls that’s why the buck” NO people tase them to make them buck. I don’t know why animals can’t just be wild. Humans are destroying are earth like wtf. Wild animals are meant to be in the WILD. Dogs and cats that you see in homes today like German shepherds, Aussies, border collies, pit bulls and etc are fine and people who are helping animals get back into help and then letting them go back into the wild or staying in captivity is fine to but everything else is cruel. I know with the over population and everything. But won’t nature fix it? To me it’s not right wild animals should be in the wild not in SOME zoos, circuses period. Oh and I forgot horses they can stay in captivity because the over population is so bad with horses.

  2. I take great pleasure in watching these people get scared to death, it breaks my heart watching this injured and stressed out bull get antagonized. The bull probably got slaughtered after this. Fuck all your traditions and cultures if they involve this sort of "entertainment"

  3. actually it is not the animal it is the bastard people who use animal for fun, making them angry just to entertain people, i am talking about bastard management or the govt like in spain….it is fucking against moral values….it's barbaric….animal should never be use like this cruel manner for entertaining….fuck spain

  4. This is horrible and about the most disgusting thing, the poor bull just wanted to go away and live it didn’t want to die or hurt anyone. The people who are ok with this deserve anything and everything coming to them in any form except kids they don’t deserve it but adults

  5. Ok so don’t take your kids to a place like this where there is a risk of them getting hurt also anyone who condones this deserves whatever is coming for them because it is animal cruelty

  6. Reading the comments, it seems most people think this was a bullfight. It wasn't, it was a "concurso recortadores" where very fit young men and women dodge and jump over a bull. It's a competition with an eventual winner. You can see that there are people dressed in white, they are the competitors, there is not a matador in sight.
    When the bull is tired or becomes bored, he is let out of the ring and another one comes in. Therefore, the ring is set up to allow for this. There was no excuse for the delay in letting the bull out, from the moment he broke his horn, he was unsuitable for the competition. Several minutes ensued while ring staff dithered resulting in 40 injuries including a young boy and a beautiful bull suffering unnecessarily.
    A bull used for these competitions would NEVER go on to take part in a bullfight.


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