BMW convertible with a double mattress and bed frame sticking out vertically from the back seat. Image copyright Essex Police
Image caption Police stopped the BMW convertible and spoke to the driver about her “insecure load”

A BMW convertible was stopped by police after it was spotted being used to transport a double bed.

A picture posted online by Essex Police shows the roof down and a mattress and bed frame upright on the back seat.

Officers had been on patrol in Colchester Road between Colchester and Basildon and wrote about the “insecure load” on Twitter.

Using the face palm emoji, they said the female driver had told them “it’s wedged in the seat so it’s okay”.

Other Twitter users responded in disbelief, calling it “beyond a joke” and “absolutely baffling”.

The Essex Police Operational Support post did not say what action was taken against the driver but causing a danger from distribution of load in a car can attract a fine of £100.


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