Falkland Islands will remain British despite new Argentine president’s threats, Downing Street insists

RISHI Sunak insists the plight of the Falkland Island is “settled” after Argentina’s President-elect wants to wrestle them back, Number 10 say.

Radical Javier Milei who convincingly won the country’s Presidency vowed to “get the Falklands back” during the election campaign.

Downing Street insist the issue of the Falkland Islands is "settled"


Downing Street insist the issue of the Falkland Islands is “settled”Credit: Getty

He is a former TV pundit who has risen from obscurity and will be sworn in on December 10.

He said: “What do I propose? Argentina’s sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands is non-negotiable. The Malvinas are Argentine.

“Now we have to see how we are going to get them back. It is clear that the war option is not a solution.

““We had a war – that we lost – and now we have to make every effort to recover the islands through diplomatic channels.”

He proposed a solution similar to the one the UK had with China over Hong Kong.

The Falklands War in 1982 lasted 74 days and began when Argentina invaded the island before they surrendered.

But Downing Street yesterday said the position was “settled some time ago”.

A spokesman said: “This is a long-settled issue and there are no plans to revisit it.

“The position of Falkland Islands was settled some time ago, and will not be changed.

He called ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher one of the “great leaders during the campaign.

He is expected to take a “chainsaw” to by slashing spending by up to 15 per cent and to crush spiralling inflation of 142 per cent.

But his opponent Sergio Massa His opponent in a televised debate said she would always be “an enemy” of the country.

Milei won 56 per cent of the vote compared to the 44 per cent of his rival Massa who conceded on Sunday night.

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