Capt. Dennis Tajer of American Airlines and the Allied Pilots Association explains what it’s like to fly the Boeing 737 Max 8, and why a new flight control system was a surprise to pilots. That system could have played a role in two recent Max 8 crashes. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. The reason MCAS was installed was because the plane must have the same flight charistics as older versions so they could save on pilot training….
    A pilot saying it was fine to have a Ipod training of a few hours is stupid or paid by boeing…
    The plane is save but only when pilots know how she fly's.

  2. I am repeating here all the correct meaning of MCAS posted in others' comments below, all in one place so you don't have to scroll around. If you know anyone at Boeing, please send to them.
    May Crash Any Second
    Mass Casualties Ahead Soon
    Mass Coffin Allocation System

  3. To the Boeing Company: Now the 737 Max liability lawsuits will begin worldwide. And then there's U.S. criminal charges to come. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people. Congress can impute to a corporation the commission of certain criminal offenses and subject it to criminal prosecution therefor. In actions for tort, a corporation may be held responsible for damages for the acts of its agent within the scope of his employment, even if done wantonly, recklessly or against the express orders of the principal. While corporations cannot commit some crimes, they can commit crimes which consist in purposely doing things prohibited by statute, and in such case they can be charged with knowledge of acts of their agents who act within the authority conferred upon them.

  4. flew as a flight engineer crew chief in the United States
    Air force from 1954-1959 on a C-47 . This airplane had to be flown by a captain
    and all controls were cable so your input controlled all flight services
    manually ! Today's aircraft have taken the full control of the aircraft away
    from the flight crews today we have "Fly by wire' where electrical signals
    control the flight controls via electric signals and hydraulic boost. Look at
    all the accidents which have occurred because of this . The recent 737-maxs ,
    the lost of rudder control on two 737's when the boost control jammed and sent
    the plane spiraling to the ground. All the computer malfunctions, I can go on
    and on but I believe there is too much electronics in the flight deck and built
    into the aircraft. What must be done is get back to basics , give the plane
    back to the pilot's get cable systems back into the aircraft. Till then we
    going to see more of these accidents. Question: During WWII our B=17's could
    fly with almost all of wings and stabilizers shot off and yet they survived.
    The aircraft were made out of aluminum not composite or plastic ! (My opinion)
    To the airlines and aircraft builders it's all money !

  5. Someone said that the plane would be more stable if Boeing redesigned the tail. And Boeing chose not to do it to speed up the certification process and time to market? Is it really the case? If it is, I can't see why Boeing not redesign the tail now to gain public's trust.

  6. giving death penalty to Boeing’s CEO is the only way that can relieve the fallen souls to the heavens.

    3. make the critical MCAS system only rely on a single sensor. (normally 2 ), and not telling anyone. — worth a death penalty
    8. When the first aircraft crashed, lets blame it on pilot error. – worth a death penalty

  7. Very clever Boeing. Not only are you deceptive in your design and safety engineering but even after the first crash you put out this glib attempt at feigned assurance of safety only to have a second crash shortly after. I hope the 737 Max never flies again.


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