FULL INTERVIEW: Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon- BBC News


Donald Trump’s former chief strategist has told Newsnight that the president should not testify in person to the special council investigation into allegations of Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

In an exclusive Newsnight interview, Mr Bannon praised special counsel Robert Mueller as an “honourable guy” and said he should not be fired by Trump – but that his deputy Rod Rosenstein should go.

Defending Mr Trump and his campaign, he said he believed Martin Luther King “would be proud of” the president for creating jobs for black and Hispanic people.

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Date: June 9, 2019

29 thoughts on “FULL INTERVIEW: Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon- BBC News

  1. Just over a year later, the truth about Mueller is out. The Mueller investigation was all about getting rid of Trump to save Mueller from getting indicted for Mueller's part in the Uranium One corruption. Mueller at some point is going to be investigated and if justice gets served, Mueller will go to jail.

  2. I am not liking or disliking because I don't want to give BBC any credit for their consistent, moral, self righteous Narcissism. Infuriating how she mis-quotes what Trump said… Please look up his speech. Once you see he condemned both Radical sides, he then side the people who had differences of opinions of the statues had good people on both sides. BUT the BBC, MSNMC, CNN all lied about it.

    Misconstruing the facts is fallacious, divisive and we should condemn these networks who propagate it, as I do.

  3. There are forces in the background, that want a major insurection to work towards a "New World Order". They would like a major war. They are the cabal behind and controling the democrats. All the pieces fit.

  4. Hey BBC we can see right through you you’re biased pathetic stance you’re going to be in history like the rest of the fake news we’re Getting rid of shells like yourself just because you have money and influence and major corporations on your side does not mean the regular people don’t see through your bullshit already we don’t trust you and there’s no way you’re going to rectify it . Your days are numbered like CNN MSNBC and the rest of em!🤙🏽

  5. it wasn't "a dumb thing to say" it was a dumb thing to do a major interview and not research enough to know what it was said about.

  6. One of the most entertaining interviews I’ve seen in a long time. Either he’s as crazy as people say I am, or he just systematically explained everything meaningful in the past 3 years brilliantly. 😂

  7. To me this reporter seems weak-minded … she is a kid who has been brain-washed by the globalist elites' educational systems …

  8. Wow. You can tell the bias every time, no matter where he is. Every question was about race, fascist, etc. The same questions everyone asks him. He tells them he's not racist. The next question will be. So, you're racist, when did you finally see that you are? Unreal.

  9. Nobody cares about Trump's personal life… We the people of the US are trying to take back our country from the corrupt Political Elite: Just as the UK pro-Brexit voters are. Brovo Steve!

  10. When Muslims behave the way they do THEY draw the criticism to themselves. Have the Indians, the Hungarians, the Tanzanians, the Brazilians drawn this type of criticism…..NO! Wake up interviewer and quit supporting those who plan to subjugated world under Sharia Law and supporting one of your own. How stupid do you get. You media slaves make me ill. ,!!

  11. I get it, Bannon is somewhat sinister, but Jesus Mary and Joseph I'm so sick of white elite liberal types calling everyone racist they don't agree with. Change your strategy for crying out loud.

  12. The globalization project was wrong. It's over.
    Victor Orban wants his country back and he's getting it, securing borders, shutting down Islamic invasion, protecting its citizens…just like President Trump is doing in the U.S.

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