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  1. I heard Jollof rice actually originated in Senegal. But they don't call it Jollof because that was the name of a Kingdom that existed in the country. Which is where the dish came from, supposedly. I have noticed a hand full of countries having this debate over who invented it and who's is better. Maybe we'll never know for sure.

  2. Gateway to Africa,GHANA.
    always bullied by our big brothers: Nigerians. But hey! We've always given them a lot of reasons to admire and envy us in secret. But now, they whisper , " going to live in Ghana "

  3. As a Latin America geographer allow me to share an opinion. I think many of the information looked more like Tourism then Geography. Geography is more then information, it's connecting things, reading the world, understnd the processes. I searched videos like this (for me it was kind of obvious) to listen about blobal geopolitics, the Militar Coups that changed so drasticly the potential of Ghana development. Maybe in USA Geography means physical geography.

  4. Am Ghanaian and this is very impressive. Usually, a lot of channels on youtube give inaccurate information about Ghana. However, 98% of the information you provided is accurate. So let me correct the 2% that I notice is incorrect.

    1. The Ashantis fought 7 wars with the British and not 4 as you stated. For the record, they won 6 out of the 7 wars. The One they lost was the Yaa Asantewaa war when the Ashanti soldiers panicked after King Prempeh was captured by the British and sent to exile in Seychelles. Yaa Asantewaa to wanted to show bravery, led the few soldiers to war, but unfortunately lost. She was also captured and sent to exile in Seychelles were she died.

    2. I don't know where you got the umbrella comment from, nonetheless, if you find someone walking in the rain without an umbrella, its simply because they didn't anticipate it will rain that day, hence didn't carry their. other than that people always use umbrellas, rain coats, etc when it rains.

    3. Finally, with regards to the Jollof war between Ghana and Nigeria, the truth of the matter is, the Jollof dish was originally invented by the Senegalese, thus did not come from Ghana or Nigeria as its been portrayed. However, Ghana and Nigeria specialized the dish and added their own twist to make the meal special. So to be fair, the credit should go to Senegal for being the original inventor of the Jollof recipe.


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