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Date: June 12, 2019

48 thoughts on “Geography Now! NEW ZEALAND (AOTEAROA)

  1. Finally, I was wondering if I would ever use that jar of sand in a video. Thanks to all the Kiwi geograpeeps that helped out with this video. you guys rock. If could Haka for you I would. Sweet as.

  2. Great video, however your stats are wrong and your pronunciation is pretty bad.. I'm a kiwi and cringe when your try to pronuciate our unique words, plus kiwis fought all over the world for ww1 and ww2, not just Samoa and Papua New Guinea., so your research is a little out… but none the less good video

  3. There’s this weird thing in New Zealand (proud to be from there) were the government will pay you If you let them build a house it your backyard., which might have a relation to the housing issue.

  4. seriously, kiwis are like UKs little sister. especially in language, it sounds pretty much like a british accent, while australia sounds waaay weirder with weird words. 😀

  5. Hey Barbs I am a huge fan of geography now but was really disappointed in the fact that you pronounced so many things wrong that i only watched up to the physical part of the video and I mean come on do some more research about spelling and pronunciation btw i am a kiwi and will not watch .the “flag friday” video ps it is Fiordland and FOCUS

  6. You guys did a pretty good job some of the time – but you definitely should have consulted a kiwi before going ahead with the video! It's the North/South Island, *Queenstown*, and your pronunciation could have been better… The girl has definitely never head a kiwi pronounce maori, kumara, or hangi before… and we can tell!

  7. Nice video guys, I would just point out one thing about the tattoos. Many of the photos you used weren't Maori art, some were from other Polynesian cultures and I think even one looked like it was Aztec or something along those lines lol. It happens a lot as Polynesian tattoos often get referred to as being tribal internationally as a kind of coverall. Many cultures have many different styles and the like. Good work though.

  8. Amongst my family I hold the record for being the furthest south. The dairy aisle at the grocery store in Gore New Zealand. While my parents were shopping I went for the south wall and walked into a dairy case to hold the title. Didn't tell them until we had traveled north enough there was no going back. Geography geek out contests!

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