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Green-fingered dad spends £6,000 transforming home into indoor jungle

A DAD has spent £6,000 on plants to transform his home into an indoor jungle.

Green-fingered Jonny Balchandani, 34, has amassed 2,000 of them over the past decade.

Kennedy News

Jonny Balchandani has filled his home with 2,000 plants[/caption]

Kennedy News

The dad has splashed £6,000 on his impressive collection[/caption]

He spends two hours a day tending and watering the 200 indoor and tropical species which fill every room.

The marketing boss, who lives with wife Charlotte Evans in Malvern, Worcs, plans to add to his collection.

He said: “I love them but visitors are a bit shocked.

“You see a few plant pots by the door but as soon as you’re in they’re above you, around you, right, left, everywhere.”

Jonny — dad to Phoenix Rain, three, and Tallulah Rose, two — reckons he inherited his love of plants from his mum. He grows some of his own and has 1,000 in a greenhouse

Kennedy News

Jonny spends two hours a day watering the 200 indoor and tropical species[/caption]

Kennedy News

The plants fill every room, but he only plans to buy more[/caption]

Kennedy News

Jonny shares his home with wife Charlotte and their children Phoenix Rain and Tallulah Rose[/caption]

Charlotte says looking after the plants has become therapeutic for them both

He said: “It’s become a total passion. Unfortunately, to my wife’s dismay, I don’t feel there are too many!”

Charlotte, 33, said: “Jonny doesn’t go out and drink. Plants are his vice and I’d rather that than him be at the pub every weekend.

“I feel like they’re taking over sometimes and that we’re living in an indoor jungle but looking after them is ­therapeutic for both of us.”

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