Groom marries 7 wives in huge ceremony with 40 limos to ‘keep them all happy’ before taking them home on wedding night

A GROOM wed seven wives on the same day – and two of them are sisters.

Habib Nsikonnene – a renowned traditional healer – threw a massive reception on Sunday after saying I Do with each one in Uganda.

Habib Nsikonnene married his seven wives at on the same ceremony


Habib Nsikonnene married his seven wives at on the same ceremonyCredit: CEN

However, the 43 year-old is not stopping there and has said he plans to have even more wives so he can hit a target of 100 children.

He told Monitor: “In my family we are very few, so I want to produce many children so that we build a big family.”

In preparation for his wedding he gave each of his wives new cars and also treated their parents to an array of gifts – including motorbikes for the parents of the two wives who are sisters.

And it isn’t Habib’s first wedding as he already had a wife of seven years named Musanyusa.

Habib wed each of the brides separately in a traditional ceremony at their own homes before they were each escorted to a reception at his house.

The brides arrived in style in their own vehicles with personalised number plates among a fleet of 40 limos and 30 motorcycles.

A glitzy concert greeted guests and one attendee said: “Some people could not believe it was real, others said it was the first time they would be witnessing such an event.”

At the reception Habib praised his wives telling guests: “my wives harbour no jealousy amongst themselves, I introduced them separately and wed them all at once to make one big happy family.

“I am still a young man and in the near future, God willing, I cannot say this is the end of it.”

After the celebration Habib and his wives were taken on a procession by cyclists and motorbikes who they followed through local towns before they all returned home for their wedding night together.

According to Habib’s father, polygamy – which is legal in Uganda – is quite normal in his family.

He said: “My grandfather had six wives who were separated by curtains in a single house.

“My own late father had five wives and I myself have four wives who live in one house.”

But none of the family have had as many as seven, and there are rumours Habib has broken the record in Uganda for the most wives married on one day.

He is now a local legend hailed for putting his remote village on the map.

Emmanuel Owere, the Namasengere or village chairman, said: “This man with rare qualities settled in this village about four years ago.

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“He came and bought land here and introduced himself to me as a traditional healer. We allowed him to practice his trade.

“We had no idea when he moved here that he would bring us fame. “Our village’s name is everywhere.”

Habib Nsikonnene and his wives are all one 'big happy family'


Habib Nsikonnene and his wives are all one ‘big happy family’Credit: CEN
Habib Nsikonnene holding hands with one of his wives on his wedding day


Habib Nsikonnene holding hands with one of his wives on his wedding dayCredit: CEN

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