Heart-Wrenching Video: Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land | National Geographic


This is what climate change looks like. This starving polar bear was spotted by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen on Somerset Island.
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As temperatures rise, and sea ice melts, polar bears lose access to the main staple of their diet—seals. Starving, and running out of energy, they are forced to wander into human settlements for any source of food. Feeding polar bears is illegal. Without finding another source of food, this bear likely only had a few more hours to live.

Read more in “Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land.”

Heart-Wrenching Video: Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: May 27, 2019

21 thoughts on “Heart-Wrenching Video: Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land | National Geographic

  1. Yes, we are killing our planet; but remember, all things must die, and how else do you imagine a polar bear would die? Fact is, predators generally starve to death.

  2. Let me just say something. Have you even considered the thought there’s too
    Many?? Polar bears are numbering around 45,000 -55,000 . Which is 30k up from just 50years ago. How many bears are there supposed to be living in the artic which for 10months is virtually a complete frozen wasteland. They’re 800-1000lb beasts that have to eat regularly.

  3. People "just feed it!"

    Yes because Im sure walking up unarmed to a notoriously agressive and now starving top predator to give it your sandwich wouldve gone swimmingly
    And of course said sandwich is enough to prevent a severely emaciated very large animal from starving within a few days

    Oh no wait! They definitely shouldve tried to singlehandedly carry(??) the (still very)large starving predator back to the nearest village without any means of transport or sedation to keep the (WILD)animal calm in order to stick it in the nearest well equipped zoo prepared to take in and handle the bear…..which very well could have been thousands of miles away

    On his death bed or not, if that bear had enough energy to walk over and try and find food it also had enough energy to bite you. And it wouldve been desperate and scared. And since there is almost no possible way to get it to a zoo or rehabilitation center or something than even if the photographers did have enough food to give it a suitable meal (which is highly highly unlikely) they wouldve only prolonged its suffering

  4. So we run tests on animals everyday. We hurt them. We lock them is zoos and cages so that they're miserable. But we aren't allowed to help them if they're dying!?! This is how stupid our government gas become, and how stupid humans are for supporting this. We still go to zoos, and we still by overpriced makeup thats has been tested on bunnies. We need to do something.

  5. WHO CARES IF IT'S ILLEGAL TO SAVE AN INNOCENT ANIMAL'S LIFE? what are you gonna do? turn yourself into the authorities for throwing it some fish? you psychopaths have no humanity

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