President Trump’s June 29 press conference during the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, Japan covered a wide range of topics including Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-Calif.) debate with former vice president Joe Biden, former president Jimmy Carter and immigration at the southern border. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. "And he was telling me that […] there were large numbers of people being prosecuted. He's very angry about it. He's very unhappy about it." – and his supporters hear – "There's an ongoing purge in Saudi Arabia, following the botched cover up, and it should fill us all with a sentiment of vengefulness, and we should all praise the spilled blood of scapegoats, as the unrepentant dictator butchers journalists and incompetents alike. KAG". He speaks in tongues, like a guru. Journalists just fail to catch his meaning, because they veil themselves with obsequiousness towards the POTUS position.

  2. I bet he’s still struggling with the word democracy not referring to the Democratic Party. And now they blindsided him with bussing and western lib. He just might resign when he feels the cold sweat on his back as he wikapedias the topics.

  3. BADLY BENT[but not actually]BROKEN NEWS-FLASH from the desk of The President of The USA;….."In an incredibly dangerous & very Hi-tech cyber-hack attack which probably came from Russia; but definitely wasn't authorised by Putin; he's a good guy…a good guy.. or someplace LIKE Russia, but not really Russia but probably got turned around at the electric border ..NatSec calls it the grid; so maybe it only LOOKED like Russia, or maybe even Iran; but probably not Iran because they're busy causing trouble in other places…but not places which bother me…& maybe the guy might have been colluding with himself, if he knew what he was doing but continued with the conversation, he knew he had a choice, & that's where it stands at the moment…did he let vital data slip through & if he did, was he quick enough & smart enough to realise that he'd been thinking aloud, & actually recording his one-sided collusive conversation.??  Anyone can see that if he did, & if he can get away with THAT kind of insider collusion, he is definitely a guy a guy like me; President Donald J.Trump can, & should, & will, use on his NatSec team..a guy who can put words into his own mouth AND get them out again without getting caught is an asset…but the drone they shot down was unmanned, & it was unmanned because we didn't want it any more…it was a damn nuisance & we were trying to get rid of it, so the Iran-guys did us a favour..a BIG I was right not to bomb them back into the stone-age…& that oil-tanker was earmarked to become an artificial Barrier Reef & give the fishes a new safe place to clean up the Marine Oceans; but time will tell; they're like the Canada-guys, they do things their' own way & Canada is a good guy…a good guy..why in hell would I even need to build a Mexico-type wall on the Canada-guys border.??  I mean, Canada isn't Mexico, is it…burble..Twitter..Tweet..burble…; but if it was…which its not…………………………………………………………….meep-meep.!!


    haha, Trump "FOREVER"!!! suck on that Libertards!! Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036…

  5. What I want to know most is how Trump’s employee evaluation went? Does Trump still have a job? Is Putin going to support him in 2020? Someone please tell me if Vladimir is happy with his investment?

  6. How dare Trump even mention Carter's name.! Trump is a disgusting example of the human race . poorest of examples, the most witless disgusting spineless backstabbing traitorous President this country has ever witnessed since its conception.!

  7. He thinks Western Liberalism in the USA is the same as Liberals that live in the Western USA. He made comments on busing as though the alternatives were train, cars and bicycles. I would call him a moron….but that would offend morons.

  8. A question on western style liberalism and the orange imbecile starts rambling on about liberals in California? His ignorance truly has no limits. Although Carters 4 years as president don't rank with the best at least they were not a train wreck like T-rumps. And as far as what Carter has accomplished after his 4 years as president is truly great. T-rump after he leaves office will keep doing what he has always done, look out only for himself and scam and con at every chance he gets.


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