Every honeybee has a job to do. Some are nurses who take care of the brood; some are janitors who clean the hive; others are foragers who gather pollen to make honey. Collectively, honeybees are able to achieve an incredible level of sophistication, especially considering their brains are only the size of sesame seeds. But how are these jobs divvied up, and where do bees learn the skills to execute them?
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How Do Honeybees Get Their Jobs? | National Geographic

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  1. Why is it that people who produce and publish wonderful, fun and informative videos such as this one feel that they need to add "background noise" to them? Even cute and pleasant music, such as we have in this video, can distract and interfere with our full comprehension of the content of the video, in my opinion.

  2. Está bem ..abelha!! Apesar de já ter sido picada várias vezes por abelhas …não é por isso que deido de admirá-las e até tenho pena …porque sei que a seguir morrem!! Este processo tão hierarquizado …tudo é planificado ao pormenor para que nada falhe …já tive oportunidade de ver de perto porque conheço colmeias e quem produza o mel …Este néctar natural e faz bem à saúde!! Cada vez há menos abelhas .. a polonizacao e tao importante e vital?!! Há menos insectos …muitas causas?? As vespas andam aí!!


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