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Hundreds of residents struggle to boil kettles after cannabis farm nicks electricity

HUNDREDS of families struggled to make tea after their electricity was nicked to power a cannabis farm.

They noticed the lights dimming while it also took ages to boil kettles.

Ben Lack

Confused locals struggled to make tea after their electricity was swiped to power a cannabis farm[/caption]

Ben Lack

Cops found scores of cannabis plants at a nearby house[/caption]

The mystery was solved when police found scores of cannabis plants at a nearby house.

A gang had diverted the street’s electricity to power growing kit in four properties. Resident Ruzina Begum, 33, said: “We had been noticing problems for a while. It was a bit spooky, really.

“You’d be sitting reading and then you realised you couldn’t see what you were reading. I thought it was maybe a problem with the kids plugging too many things in sockets.”

Another local added: “We’d not seen anybody living in the houses and this explains it. It had been getting harder and harder to boil the kettle and now we know why.”

Greg Szort, 50, said: “Some days you could smell the cannabis but I didn’t know where it was coming from.”

In all, 90 properties were then cut off completely for a day as the network was repaired in Huddersfield.


A spokeswoman for Nothern Powergrid said ‘It is incredibly irresponsible criminal behaviour’[/caption]

A spokeswoman for Northern Powergrid said tampering with electricity could cause fires. She added: “It is incredibly irresponsible criminal behaviour.”

West Yorkshire Police confirmed a large cannabis farm was found last week, but no one had been arrested.

A spokesman added: “A number of cannabis plants and related growing equipment were recovered and inquiries remain ongoing.”

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