A WOMAN with two uteruses has revealed how she can be pregnant with two babies from different dads at the same time.

Leanne Bell didn’t find out about her unique condition until she was 28 years old.

The model found out she had the rare condition when she was 28


The model found out she had the rare condition when she was 28
She said it makes her feel special - despite the extra difficulties it can bring


She said it makes her feel special – despite the extra difficulties it can bring

The condition is usually called uterine didelphys, of which there are variations. 

While there is only one opening and genitalia (the vulva), parts inside are split into two.

Leanne has a vaginal septum – a dividing wall of tissue – that splits her vagina and womb into two halves.

She regularly takes fans on TikTok through all the details of her condition.

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While she has sadly not been able to carry a baby to term, she revealed it is possible for her to have two babies with different fathers in each uterus at the same time.

Leanne said: “It has never worked out for me, and that’s okay.

“l’d have to be a C-section. I could essentially get pregnant in both at the same time.

“A baby in this one, a baby in this one, and it could be by two different men if it was within a week span.

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“Out of all those uteruses to choose from, that baby decided to grow in my fallopian tube.

“They had emergency surgery, and they took out my fallopian tube and my baby, and that was the end of that.”

Leanne, from Phoenix, Arizona, US, said no medics had ever spotted her unique condition.

She said: “I had seen five other doctors before this. I think the other doctors missed it because, once you find one vagina, I don’t think you usually go looking for another.

“So, I don’t blame the doctors too much. For me, I guess I don’t see a reason to remove it.

“I do feel a little special. Everyone wants something special about them. Ideally, it could have been something other than my vagina. But I do feel special.”

Symptoms can include heavy periods or unusual pressure or cramping pain

Leanne does not want to remove the septum, saying that it is “part of her” and is what makes her “special”.

She has since taken to Only Fans as only the second model with this condition, and is now earning over £1,200 a day and is projected to earn over £34K for April.

The 38-year-old said she started online dating recently, but men have sometimes been scared off by her condition.

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She said: “My new plan has been I’m going to tell these men right away — not right away, but before we meet — so nobody’s time is wasted.

“And, yeah, I still manage to really freak some man out. Again, I realise this is not for everyone.”

She doesn't want to correct it and plans to stay as she is


She doesn’t want to correct it and plans to stay as she is

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