I’m a dermatologist – here’s 5 things I would NEVER do including popping a pimple in the danger triangle

THERE’S a wealth of conflicting skincare advice online these days.

With the emergence of video sharing platforms like Tiktok, anyone can dish out advice and call themselves an expert.

Putting a hot water bottle directly on your skin can increase your risk of cancer


Putting a hot water bottle directly on your skin can increase your risk of cancer

This means it’s dangerously easy to take on some advice which might end up being harmful.

In a video shared on the social media site, Dr Aamna Adel, a London-based dermatologist sliced through the heaps of skin misiformation.

The expert handed out some words of wisdom detailing would never do to her own face.

1. Pop a spot in the ‘danger triangle’

Although rare, popping acne in the ‘danger triangle”—previously known as the ‘triangle of death’— can have some seriously dangerous side effects.

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The triangle consists of the area from the corners of your mouth to the bridge of your nose.

“Popping spots here increases the risk of an infection spreading to the brain, blindness and even death,” Dr Aamna explained. 

2. Use a hot water bottle directly to my skin

When you’re suffering with period cramps or feeling cold there is arguably nothing better than a hot water bottle.

But according to the dermatologist you should never put a hot water bottle directly on your skin.

“The repeated heat causes a rash called erythema ab igne which takes ages to go away and increases your risk of certain types of skin cancer,” she said.

It some cases the rash can permanently mark your skin.

3. Use topical treatments long-term

Everyone is after clear and glowing skin.

And for some of us that means using topical treatments, like retinoids and acids.

But using these products on our face long-term can actually have a very damaging effect, according to the guru.

“It increases the risk of the skin becoming thin, excess hair growth and the blood vessels becoming more prominent,” she said.

4. Nasal filler

Non-surgical nose jobs, which use nasal filler, are growing in popularity.

No only are they cheaper than surgical nose jobs, but they’ll dissolve over time – which bodes well if it wasn’t much to your liking.

The the video, Dr Aamna warned people against using nasal filler.

“There’s a real risk, even if you have someone professional doing it, of going blind,” she explained.

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5. Use female hygiene products

Most intimate washes, while marketed as natural and safe often cause more harm than good. 

“They increase the risk of irritation and effect the pH balance of the vagina leading to a fishy odour,” Dr Aamna said.

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