AN ex-flight attendant has revealed the section of the plane cabin crew hate working the most.

Surprisingly, it isn’t economy class – but instead is first class.

Kat Kamalani revealed that flight attendants hate working in first class


Kat Kamalani revealed that flight attendants hate working in first class

Former flight attendant Kat Kamalani revealed that the section of the plane that cabin crew most hate working is at the front of the plane.

She made the claim in a video on Tiktok, which has been watched nearly 90,000 times.

She said: “Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a flight attendant in first class or business? We’ll I’m about to tell you.

“So for the company that I worked for, everyone is qualified to be a flight attendant in first class – that means if you’re flying domestic or in the US you can be a first class flight attendant and you actually bid for that position.

“But let me tell you – most flight attendants don’t like that position.”

Heather Wilde, a former cabin crew member, agreed with Kat and said that the work is far more straightforward in economy.

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As reported previously by The Sun Online Travel, Heather said that working in first class made her feel “like a sky waitress”.

She wrote on Quora: “When flying economy, everything was straightforward – the most senior flight attendant on the plane would handle all the announcements, paperwork and stocking, in addition to everyone’s duties of completing the drink/snack service, aisle checks, etc.

“In a first class experience there was no time to rest as you have to be able to cater to every passenger every minute of the flight, and ensure you still make all the required announcements at the right times.

“It honestly made me feel like a sky waitress.”

Flight attendant Nuralia Mazlan added: “Serving 100 people in economy class is better than 16 in business class anytime for me.

“Passengers take their meal and don’t complain much, then we do collection for their rubbish and they’re done. Dim the cabin lights and get ready to sleep.”

It isn’t just working in first class that irritates cabin crew.

These are the things flight attendants really wish you’d stop doing – from handing over rubbish to poking them for attention.

A Ryanair flight attendant has shared the worst thing you can do while flying.

A flight attendant has revealed the one thing that passengers should never ask them during boarding.

Despite being able to earn more money in first class, flight attendants don't want to work there


Despite being able to earn more money in first class, flight attendants don’t want to work there
Ryanair flight attendant reveals the WORST thing you can do while flying
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