Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News


What’s it like to have millions of fans when you’re 10? What’s it like to have thousands of people insult or adore you? Welcome to the strange world of social media superstars.

Stephanie Hegarty meets the young people whose lives are built around likes, but are increasingly suffering from mental health problems and burn out.

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Date: June 3, 2019

39 thoughts on “Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News

  1. You're a sweet girl and a loving brother you'll be fine! You've got a big social circle meaning real life real time friends. Not millions of "hits" stands up to real love surrounding you. Turn off your devices once in awhile. Live in the moment where all is ok. Try to sit quietly even if it is just for one minute in your day. Know you are strong and free thinking. Get some sleep to the young white dude last half of the vid.

  2. This video is to negative. Good things are coming from youtube. It isn't just the mind rot that show up in the trending list. You dig below the surface and there is some very educational and entertaining content. People are making money that might not be able to otherwise. Don't go throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

  3. When people are beaming a smile non-stop and it goes past being natural, that then, is fear generating the smile.

    We are built to have emotions that shift and change in response to our experinces.

  4. I use to have thousands and thousands of followers on Instagram. I ended up deleting it because they only liked some
    Certain content. Now I only have a IG with 100 people now and it feels amazing

  5. Social Media is actually Anti Social. The sooner you realize this the better it will be for you. Feeding alter ego's does not last long. Indulge as long as it does not harm your real reality. Virtual reality is all a bubble. Know the difference and save your existence .

  6. The next wave of homelessness. I see a parallel between those who fled to cities like, New York and Los Angeles, in pursuit of fame and fortune, and youtubers today.

  7. These people don’t get suicidal because of YouTube. They get sick because they don’t know how to regulate their emotions and identity. And the parents and authorities are not interested in helping them. Blaming social networks is just masking the deeper problems. The problem is not the things. It’s our relationship to them.

  8. 3 times you tube videos from BBC had been disappear, as sooner you are doing some comments, that doesn't going with their news, just escapes or hidden on the way. Bay BBC. 😘😙😚

  9. I've become WAY too addicted to Youtube!!! It is interesting and can be informative, however, I think I need to time myself on it, like no more than an hour a day or something like that! If I had kids, if they were interested in having a channel I'd try to tell them to wait until they're at least 16. And try to make sure they have at least a couple of real life friends, followers are just followers.

  10. Ppl like this kid are the ppl that will have anxiety issue's, self esteem issue's, mental health condition's, and maybe put on different kind of medication's now or in the future because sadly social media is affecting how ppl interact with other ppl in the real world. I only use YouTube mostly to watch videos for info or nostalgia and I stopped using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, when I realized how much ppl don't seem to want to have the luxury of privacy and discretion anymore. For whatever reason a lot of ppl want to be seen and heard now but your life is not always meant to share with other ppl for your sake, sanity, and safety. When ppl are programmed into doing what everyone else is doing because that's what modern society suggest that's when it's a good to just unplug and not go with what is considered the norm because I've seen or heard about more ppl robbed, beat up, commit suicide, divorced, fired, and unfortunately killed because of social media. Now I'm not saying that it doesn't have it's benefits as far as being connected to family or friend's, supporting a business or franchise, or getting information, but I've also seen ppl abuse social media for their benefit or have melt down's just because ppl "unfriended" them or not click a like or subscribe to something on another person's page. These are the examples of when I draw the line from social media and honestly my life is less chaotic when I didn't have to do what everyone else was doing or when ppl I either knew or didn't know didn't have a front row seat to my life and what I was doing in it. I grew up in the 80's and 90's and privacy and discretion is what I was raised on because your business is your own personal business not for everyone else to see, share, or say something about. Even relationship's are different now, I had a friend of mine whose girl broke up with him on Facebook without seeing him face to face…what kind of shit is that?!😐 This little girl has no idea the shit storm of mental health issue's she's about to go through.

  11. this is why I will not watch videos featuring children, youtubers who exploit their children are causing them a lot of damage even if they aren't showing it. It's very very hard for a child to say no to their parents, and it makes their parents into their boss as well. Kids need time to play and be kids, and if they're constantly "on show" they don't get that. Everyone knows that child movie stars frequently have problems, which is why they have legal protections now. But at least child actors have legal protections now, those protections do not cover child youtubers

  12. His observation at the end of the video: "It will be really interesting to see what happened to me and everyone else doing this…" Answer: a huge number of adults with no skills who are unemployable in the real world. So, so sad. And scary.

  13. Everybody is anxious and depressed. Not wanting to wake up or get out of bed is an everyday thing for most. Encountering vile and disgusting people is unavoidable. What makes youtubers so special? Everybody has those same problems, without the other side where people worship the ground you walk on and show overwhelming support. Normal people have none of that. You're on your own. Having a bad day? Too bad suck it up. Yet they can whine and complain that a few people out of hundreds of thousands didn't bend over backwards to stroke their ego? Why are you even giving them the exposure? I'm so glad I have no clue who any of them are. You're enabling them to put the cart before the horse. Being "influencers" isn't causing any negative psychosis, they became "influencers" because they were already self centered bipolar little narcissists. "I don't have any real friends." Maybe that's because the normal people you encounter every day catch on to how bad of a person you are…

  14. This is an interesting topic, but does anyone else find it odd that the BBC chose to fly halfway across the world to film this rather than simply interview burnt out British YouTubers?

  15. Youtube designed it's algorithm to keep users hooked. It's by design. Youtube surfaces video contents that are more likely to get viewers watch longer. It's not only impacting the Youtube creators but also the viewers.

  16. Why isn't it a healthy way to grieve, for that young girl? She has a loving family, it seems, who have all embraced her youtube efforts. Not weighing in on the social media issue, or whether she should be on at all, but I think she's very lucky to have an awesome older brother and a supportive aunt and grandfather, among others, I'm sure.

  17. It's not the type of work that is burning them out. It's the quantity. YT wants daily content or you get a smackdown on the algorithm.

    This is no different than the millions of us whose bosses need more work. More productivity. My boss and his boss have texted me while I'm off the clock to deal with work stuff. Many times. From 530am to 11pm I've been contacted.

    We are all getting burned out because there's no time off anymore. The pressure to perform is omnipresent, regardless of where you get your paycheque.

  18. When you have a mental meltdown and people in public have access to it and people in the city bother you wherever you go, but you are still not getting paid, it can be a type of hell. That is what social media can do to you.

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