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  1. Interesting view:…. the UK did a lot better than the countries that joined…. Really ? Do you guys earnestly compare ex- Communist run-down countries or mostly agricultural/touristy Southern countries with the UK ????
    And are you sure the UK has the same leverage as the EU in the upcoming negotiations ?
    And I don't mean with just the EU. I think of the USA, Japan, China to name a few……

  2. Just want to throw my two cents on the French Canadians not wanting to learn English vs. English Canadians not wanting to learn French. Québec is actually the province where the proportion of bilingualism (French-English) is highest, despite being French-only officially, and despite New Brunswick being the only official bilingual province.

  3. I believe being a maritime nation has always served us British well, we tried being in the EU, but they wanted a superstate. So now once again we look to the sea, for fat juicy trade deals.

  4. Go to Poland a lot and you see EU flags everywhere that is because so much EU money is being spent on projects in the country and they have EU flags all over them. They are less common in Portugal were I also traveled a lot.

    The only place I have seen them in the UK is in Liverpool.

    I can not imagine the ex Eastern block countries every agreeing to an EU army.

    Listened to a querter of this, must listen to the rest at some point soon

  5. That is a very fine video. You make a great team, and there were some genuinely thought provoking ideas. The discussion on climate change was particularly interesting, all to often the fixation is on whether the climate is changing, how much it is down to humans, and how to stop it. The trouble is, we almost certainly can't do the things needed to reverse the change, only slow it. Far more attention needs to be on how we adapt. We are not headed for extinction, but there will be disruption. It would be pretty crazy if we did the economically damaging things some demand if it were to preserve the usefulness of infrastructure, far cheaper to change it. The world is littered with infrastructure and towns built for a purpose, they no longer serve, and left to fade away. It's always the way with change, we lose things, but there are opportunities too, whether that's Climate change or indeed Brexit.

  6. I think when the UK leaves they have to make a treaty with Ireland so people from Northern Ireland and Ireland can go between each country. So the UK won’t be 100% leaving the EU but more like 90% leaving.

  7. The Holy Roman Empire was a state, decentralized as it was, and with other nations including German-speaking Prussia occupying parts of its territory through inheritance as it had, it was still a state. There was a clear line as to who was king even if the princes had strong autonomy. The only king in Germany besides the Kaiser was the king of Bohemia and later Bavaria and Saxony.

  8. 0:56 this isn’t really true. There are and always have been a good amount of EU flags in Scotland. Namely Glasgow and Edinburgh. Maybe there is a correlation though, I mean we did vote 62% remain.

  9. History is rarely happening in one clean breakaway, so you can judge immediately after it. The real consequences of some historic movement will become apparent after 10, 20, 30… years. For example, we consider that the Western part of Roman Empire ended in 476. but that date is rather arbitrary. The collapse of Roman empire was a slow, sometimes barely noticeable process for people living in Roman empire and after it. In actuality, Roman empire never really ended, and the Catholic Church, like the last institution of the Roman Empire, is still enduring.

    The real consequences of Brexit will become apparent 10, 20 years from now, unless some sharp breakaway happen.

  10. US politics! OK 150 million voters want what Bernie Sanders have to offer but don't know that corrupt corporate democrats will declare Biden the nominee and we get 4 more years of Trump. If Sanders prevails and wins the nomination [unlikely because corruption] he will wipe out Trump by a landslide. But corporate democrats would rather lose to trump than let Bernie Sanders be in charge.

  11. EU will never be in Russia or Turkey. All the Balkan countries are the next logical step. War in Ukraine is pushing them towards EU but i doubt EU wants 42 million not so rich citizens. Belarussian eternal president wants to join Russia and Russia will never let them join EU anyway. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Let's think again about them in 2050. Norway and Switzerland are one of the richest countries in the world and seem to have good deals with EU so no need joining. I guess UK dreams about that status too.

  12. Ironically UK was a major obstacle in many votes in EU so now EU may get thing done more when there are less naysayers. Who knows will those new laws be any good but now the have a better chance passing.


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