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Jet ski romeo’s girlfriend is jailed for attacking woman months after he was locked up for Irish Sea dash

THE girlfriend of a jetski Romeo who crossed the Irish Sea to visit her in lockdown has been jailed for attacking another woman. 

Jessica Radcliffe, 31, was caged for eight months after she and a pal forced their way into their victims home before attacking her.

Mum-of-two Jessica says she will marry Dale if he asks her
Jessica Radcliffe has been jailed for her part in attacking a woman
Romantic roofer McLaughlan travelled 4.5 hours across the Irish Sea for Jessica
It comes after her boyfriend – Dale McLaughlan – used a jetski to visit her in lockdown

Mum-of-two Radcliffe and her friend Leanna Louise Bradley, 33, punched and kicked the woman while her children were upstairs at 9.45am on March 31. 

The pair, from the Isle of Man, then grabbed and assaulted a police officer while they were being arrested at the scene. 

Radcliffe has been sentenced to eight months in prison after she admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, assaulting a police officer and criminal damage. 

Bradley also pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH), resisting arrest, and two counts of property damage and was sentenced to eight months. 

Magistrates chair Michael Murley told the pair: “This was premeditated. The sole purpose of your journey was to carry out the attack. You forcibly entered a house where children were present.

“The injuries caused were serious but it is fortunate they were not more serious.”

The court heard earlier this year that they kicked and punched the woman as she screamed to her housemate to protect her children who were upstairs in their bedroom. 

The woman, who said she did not know Bradley but had previously had a dispute with Radcliffe, was then dragged up the stairs by the pair.

Prosecutor Chrissie Hunt also explained that Bradley also damaged the victim’s phone during the attack – which was said to amount to £350. 

When questioned by police, Radcliffe answered ‘no comment’ while Bradley told officers she had taken cocaine and been drinking.


It comes after lovesick Dale McLaughlan, 28, made the treacherous 4.5-hour trip from Irvine, Scotland to the Isle of Man in December to see Radcliffe.

The self-employed roofer had met his girlfriend in the 1886 bar in Douglas in September when he was in the island, lawfully, for work purposes.  

The dad was jailed for breaking coronavirus rules but released three days early in time for Christmas.

Dale was slapped with a no entry certificate that bars him from entering the Isle of Man again.

He had never driven a jet ski before and is unable to swim but still carried out the trip desperate to see his beau.

The couple met in September, when he was legally working on the island before being separated by lockdown rules.

The roofer came up with the plan after his latest work permit was rejected, forcing him to think of another way to see his lover.

Last December McLaughlan pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to comply with the emergency powers regulations by entering the island without an exemption notice or entry permit.  

After his grand gesture, Radcliffe revealed she would tie the knot with Dale if he proposes, saying: “I’ve had messages from all over the world.

“People from Italy have sent pictures of jet skis saying, ‘This is for your boyfriend, showing our support.’

“People from Ireland have said, ‘What he did is heroic. You should marry that man.’

“If he asks me, I’ll say yes. It’s definitely a story to tell our grandkids.”

Jessica says she has been contacted by people around the world
She has been jailed for eight months along with her friend
He had never rode a jet ski before the trip and reportedly can't swim
Dale was banned from travelling to the Isle of Man after he was jailed over his December trip

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