John Bercow's Brexit stardom – BBC News


The Speaker has found fame across Europe with his signature cry capturing the public’s attention.

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Date: May 30, 2019

37 thoughts on “John Bercow's Brexit stardom – BBC News

  1. ORDAH OR-OR ORDAH ORDAH! The right honourable people of Brussels will realise that this is the BBC’s comments section and will not rant and chanter from a sedentary position. THEY WILL RESUME THEIR SEAT IMMEDIATELY!

  2. John Bercow is a piece of crap ,he's supposed to be impartial and needs to be sacked like May and the rest of the remoners in parliament and take away their big fat government pensions.

  3. The roll of the Speaker has now changed. They selected a dwarf to allow him to go down the treacle mines and fetch some for Black Rod. Because of his position in the house he is also entitled to be chieftain of the diddy men. Bloody midget should have been a jockey. .

  4. He is the ring leader of the Betram Mills Brexit Circus.
    It moved from Kensington Olympia to Westminster and is now the Greatest show on earth.
    Who said British comedy died????

  5. Maybe he should concentrate more on being neutral which I believe is the job of the speaker instead of using his position to promote his own remain agenda

  6. I love watching the traitorous, cheaters brexiteers

    Nothing but whinging and threatening civil war if we don’t leave. Lmfao. They haven’t got the balls nor the gumption.

    They can’t even see what’s happening right on front of their eyes. Stupid uneducated fools.

    You lose.

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