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Khloe Kardashian fans feel ‘horrible’ for her after Caitlyn Jenner orders her to ‘lose weight’ in resurfaced KUWTK clip

KHLOE Kardashian’s fans felt “horrible” for her after Caitlyn Jenner ordered her to “lose weight” in a resurfaced KUWTK clip.

Comments flooded in Khloe’s defense after a TikTok user posted the clip from an earlier season of the family’s reality show.


The video was posted by a TikTok user where Caitlyn tells Khloe she should lose weight[/caption]


Khloe is visibly upset by the comment and stormed out of the room[/caption]

In the video, Cailyn criticized the model’s weight and suggested she “lose a few pounds.”

Khloe was visibly upset and taken aback by the comment, leading her younger sister, Kylie Jenner to chime in to defend the star.

The then preteen said: “I don’t think she should lose anything. She’s perfect the way she is.”

Cailyn continued to ask her then-stepdaughter if she thinks she should lose weight, to which Khloe responded: “I have a rock-hard body, I’m just a bigger individual.”

Caitlyn replied: “You are a bigger individual, you could just lose a few pounds. I mean it’s not major.”

The reality star stormed out of the room as Caitlyn continued to badger the Revenge Body host for her size and outfit choices.

“Khloe don’t walk away. That’s why you’re running around wearing black,” said Caitlyn.

Khloe fired back: “I was wearing black because I was depressed!”

Khloe’s “unflattering” photo

Fans have seen the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s weight fluctuate over the years, which she admits, her self-confidence has been an ongoing struggle.

The mom-of-one – who recently confirmed she’s had a nose job – has been coming under fire for months from fans claiming she is altering her social media snaps.

Back in April, an unedited bikini shot of Khloe leaked online, in which she looking stunning while posing in leopard-print swimwear.

Despite receiving plenty of compliments over her figure, her PR and legal teams went on a rampage to “scrub” the photo from the internet, to no avail.

Khloe later came out to share her truth about the image, pleading with fans to understand the turmoil she’s experienced over the years.

Posing topless to show off her “unretouched” and “unfiltered” body, she revealed she has “struggled with body image her whole life.”

Khloe penned: “When someone takes a photo of you that isn’t flattering in bad lighting or doesn’t capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point.”

Difficult breakup

Khloe has also been coping with her breakup from Boston Celtics player, Tristan Thomson.

Last month, Tristan and Khloe broke up again after he reportedly spent a wild night with three women.

According to Page Six, the famous couple actually parted ways in early June.

The source added: “They’re getting along. There is no drama. Everything is amicable and they are on the same page with co-parenting.”

The former couple share three-year-old daughter, True.

Tension between exes

Earlier this month, after the KUWTK star shared a sexy bikini picture from an outdoor shower, both Tristan and her ex-husband Lamar Odom began posting thirsty messages – which appeared to cause tension.

Lamar, 41, made his thoughts on his ex wife’s latest Instagram post clear when he called her a “hottie” along with a series of flame and heart emoji’s. 

Soon after the former Laker star popped back up on the 37-year-old’s social media, Tristan, 30, also posted a thirsty comment with a drooling emoji and hearts. 

He wasn’t done there – and posted a separate comment that specifically mentioned @lamarodom. 

“Lamar Odom God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results,” he wrote with a shrug. 

Many fans believed this was a “threat” and referring to when Lamar, 41, nearly died in 2015 when he was found overdosed at a Nevada brothel. 

Fans go after Tristan

Users were outraged at Tristan’s comment… with many pointing out he has “no room to talk” as he has been caught cheating on Khloe MULTIPLE times. 

Someone fired off: “Nah not you threatening him that’s f**ked up s**t!”

“Yooooo wtf that’s a low blow,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “No one in the world more jealous than a man who cheats!”

“LMAO not Tristan being jealous …. The irony,” someone quipped. 

One more felt sorry, saying: “Poor Khloe she really does have some trash exes.”

“Tristan can’t be faithful but wants to “claim” her?” A final person asked. 

Earlier this month, the Good American founder showed off her toned stomach as she rocked a drenched bikini while showering outdoors. 

Lamar was her first ex who jumped into the comments section and wrote: “Hottie” with two fire and heart emojis. 

The pair were married back in 2009 after just one month after they had met.


Fans have commented on Khloe’s social media photos saying that she looks fake[/caption]

Getty – Contributor

She admitted she has struggled with body issues her whole life[/caption]


Khloe is also dealing with her breakup from her baby’s father, Tristan Thompson[/caption]

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