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Khloe Kardashian & Kris Jenner claim they were ‘CONNED by builder who ran off with deeds to their side-by-side mansions’

KHLOE Kardashian and Kris Jenner claimed they were “CONNED by a builder who ran off with the deeds to their side-by-side mansions.”

The situation happened after Khloe shut down the idea of moving to Boston with Tristan Thompson after he was recruited by the Celtics.

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Khloe Kardashian told her sister Kendall that a contractor had conned her and Kris Jenner[/caption]

Kris and Khloe are building mansions that are next to each other[/caption]

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Kris threatened legal action[/caption]

During last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe told her sister Kendall that she and her mom had put their mansion-building plans because the contractor they had hired ran off with their money and the deeds to the plots.

While traveling to Lake Tahoe for one last family vacation on camera, Khloe told Kendall: “We don’t have houses currently.

“We ran a background check on him. He had a 35-page rap sheet. I told mom I was not comfortable using him. Mom wanted to still use him.

“We ended up firing him because he sucked and he was trying to steal from me and now he took our houses and they’ve been on a stand still.”

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Khloe explained that she had hesitations hiring the contractor[/caption]

During a confessional interview, Khloe went on: “A contractor left with our deeds, a lot of our money, and we’re not allowed to go onto our properties.

“So we can’t even have a contractor take over while we’re trying to get our deeds back or close escrow.”

The Good American founder further claimed that they can’t take the contractor to court due to Covid-19 and said they would need to mediate things first.

Further complicating matters, the reality star pointed out she and her mom aren’t even able to ‘take him to court right now due to COVID.’

“It just f**king sucks,” she added.

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Kris got on the phone with her lawyer and threatened to sue the man[/caption]

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She was upset because she had already sold her home[/caption]

Later in the episode, Kris could be heard on the phone talking to her lawyer and saying she’s “just so confused” by the situation.

“We’re not talking about chump change here. It’s gonna cost him a fortune to settle this,” she said angrily. 

Khloe jumped in during another confessional and said: “My mom and I are so over it. Enough is enough.

“And now we’re gonna have to file a very strong lawsuit against this horrible human being because we either need our money back, or we need our f**cking houses.”


Khloe and Kris are moving into a new neighborhood[/caption]

They are building mansions in a three-acre property[/caption]

They are building everything from scratch[/caption]

Kris’s home is bigger than Khloe’s[/caption]

A few months back, it was revealed that Kris and Khloe were moving closer to sisters Kim and Kylie and building two homes in Hidden Hills.

Kris’ home is the larger of the two, boasting 16,000 square feet while Khloe’s is 10,000.

While both houses look complete, the surrounding area appears to be a building site with plenty of workmen and cars around.

Both homes have land dug out at the back for a massive pool in what will eventually be the garden.

They seemingly have gone on with the construction[/caption]

The homes seemed to be finished and contractors are working on the outside of the home[/caption]

Proving the mother and daughter’s closeness, the vast properties are a stone’s throw away from each other.

The Hidden Hills neighborhood of LA is also where Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have homes.

Designed in a modern farmhouse style, they each boast 1.5 acres of land, according to Variety.

One of the houses has 16,500sq ft and boasts eight bedrooms, the outlet reported.

It also has an eight-car garage, covered patios, a guesthouse, movie theater, gym, lounge and an office.

The two properties were once part of a single huge estate set over three acres of land and included a house of nearly 20,000sq ft.

The mansion was owned by construction magnate Ron Tutor – father of Million Dollar Listing star Tracy Tutor – and was once reportedly leased to Britney Spears.

Khloe sold her Calabasas mansion for $15.5million last November, while Kris sold her Hidden Hills home for $15million earlier that year in April.

Getty – Contributor

The two women sold their homes to move into their new ones[/caption]

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