Lion vs Rhino Buffalo vs Rhino – Real Fight Wild Animal Attacks
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Content description:This clip features some of the most epic Lion vs Rhino Real Fight Wild Animal Attacks
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. There is only one big cat who can kill rhino and it is not lion . For those who want to know about this creature they can read about tiger killing adult rhinos in kajiranga wild life senctury. Yes there will be people who will think that indian rhino is not as big as its african cousin than let me tell you great one horned rhino is as big as african one

  2. Fun fact: despite how rare it is for lions to hunt rhino is, the whole pack minus their young and old to mind the young is required for such a difficult hunt. Same with hunting hippos. The latter is more worth while due to their fat and more meat compared to the rhino. They are that hard of a kill for lions.

    Another fun fact: Old Chinese healing methods that require their horns don’t actually need them; the same proteins required for these medicines are in the human finger nails and toe nails.


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