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Mama June admits she’s ‘not cut out’ for jail & says her ‘anxiety is through the roof’ over stint

MAMA June admitted she’s worried about the possibility of going to jail because she’s “not cut out” for it.

The 41-year-old reality star said her “anxiety” is sky high after speaking with a recovering addict and former inmate, Malika, in an exclusive clip from the WeTV series.

Youtube/WE Tv

June Shannon revealed she’s having major ‘anxiety’ about possibly going to jail[/caption]

In the scene from the upcoming Mama June: Road to Redemption episode, June got a taste of prison life as she sat in an orange jumpsuit, speaking with the former inmate in a jail cell.

The woman, Malika, explained that she wanted to prepare the Shannon family matriarch for her possible incarceration.

“You need to learn a lesson. Who knows, you might have to do those two years,” she told her. “If you end up in prison, June, the best advice I could give you, don’t speak unless you’re spoken to.”

On the topic of advice, Malika added: “Don’t make any f***ing friends. Don’t ask anybody for anything. Don’t stare nobody in the face. Keep to yourself.”

Youtube/WE Tv

The reality star spoke with a former inmate in an exclusive clip from the new Mama June: Road to Redemption episode[/caption]

Youtube/WE Tv

Malike, the former inmate and recovering addict, told Mama June that she’d do best to keep to herself if she ends up in prison[/caption]

After hearing all of the tips she might need to take into account one day, June admitted in her camera confession that her “anxiety level is out the damn roof.” 

The mother-of-four added: “I don’t want to be her. I don’t want to be in and out of the system. That ain’t me. I’m not cut out for jail.”

To make her anxiety even worse, Malika warned her to do her best to make sure no one ever found out her true identity.

“If they find out that you are Mama June…they gonna take money from you,” she said. “TThey gonna use you, they gonna make you out to be somebody’s b***h in there. They gonna take that sh*t and use it against you.”

Youtube/WE Tv

Mama June admitted she’s ‘not cut out for jail’[/caption]


She recently reunited with her four daughters[/caption]

The 41-year-old said she “didn’t want to listen” when her boyfriend Gino and her daughters tried to tell her that she might end up in jail, but this conversation with a fellow addict who has already been to jail was “hitting home.”

After being reminded that she wouldn’t be able to “touch” or “hug” her kids if she’s locked up, Mama June realized she’d “lose everything if [she goes] to prison.

She added: “I’ve worked so hard to get my family back together, I cannot be without the girls.”

Recently, June made the bold statement in an Instagram post as she celebrated about being off drugs and alcohol for 16 months.


They all got together for Lauryn’s baby shower[/caption]


June said her kids and boyfriend Gino tried to tell her she might end up in jail, but she didn’t listen to them[/caption]

She had a “bonding” moment with all of her four daughters during an emotional reunion at pregnant Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird’s baby shower.

June told The Sun her reunion with her daughters “was really good” as she hadn’t seen all the girls at once in a very long time.

Pumpkin is expecting her second child with her husband, Joshua Efrid. 

June revisited her prison sentence in a preview trailer for the WeTV show. 

At the beginning of the clip, June ensured her family and friends that she “will not be going to prison,” but her boyfriend Geno exclaimed: “She’s not listening to me.”

Instagram/Lauryn Shannon Pumpkin

She said she just got her kids back in her life and can’t lose them again[/caption]

The TV star was then handcuffed by an officer who said: “Let’s take her in the back.”

She and her boyfriend were arrested for possession of crack cocaine in March of 2019.

The pair had avoided prison time until this point, after agreeing to court supervision and community service.

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