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Mama June’s ex Sugar Bear ready to FIRE Pumpkin’s husband Josh from grass-cutting business after nasty family fight

MAMA June’s ex Sugar Bear was ready to FIRE Pumpkin’s husband Josh Efird from his grass-cutting business.

The co-workers had a tense conversation after their nasty family fight, which was documented in the upcoming episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption.


Sugar Bear almost fired Josh from his grass-cutting business[/caption]


The men had a tough conversation following a nasty family fight[/caption]


Sugar Bear has a strained relationship with his ex Mama June[/caption]

During last week’s episode, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson and wife Jennifer shocked the family by attending Pumpkin and Josh’s daughter Ella’s third birthday party.

Drama ensued when Sugar Bear and Jennifer unexpectedly game face to face with June, 41, and boyfriend Geno Doak.

June and Sugar Bear share 15-year-old daughter Alana, who’s also known as Honey Boo Boo.

In an exclusive clip for the upcoming episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption, Josh confronted his boss Sugar Bear about the dramatic fight.

As the 24-year-old showed up to work, Sugar Bear admitted he wasn’t sure if he still had a job.


Jennifer and Sugar Bear shocked the family by showing up to Ella’s birthday party last week[/caption]


Josh surprised Sugar Bear by showing up to work after the nasty fight[/caption]

He asked: “How do you expect me to give you your job back after yesterday?”

Josh responded: If I can be completely honest, I didn’t know that June and Geno were even coming. I’m kind of pissed that they showed up out of nowhere.

“I tried to call you at least 20 times to let you know that they were there, that way you could’ve turned around and there would’ve been no spitting spatting and they just ruined it.”

Pumpkin’s husband then noted that June and Jennifer ruined the party, adding: “But that’s women, you know what I’m saying? That ain’t us. I don’t see us out here b***hing and arguing lie women.”

Sugar Bear said that Jennifer won’t be happy if Josh keeps his job, while Josh rebutted by saying that Pumpkin will be mad if he’s fired.


Josh argued that he should keep his job[/caption]


Sugar Bear said Jennifer wouldn’t be happy if Josh kept his job[/caption]

In a confessional, Sugar Bear said: “I really don’t want to fire Josh but Jennifer’s really angry at me. You know what they say, ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ So what am I supposed to do?”

Cutting back to their conversation, Josh argued that he needs the job and that Sugar Bear won’t be able to find an employee better than him.

Sugar Bear quickly made up his mind that Josh could keep his job and then men got back to work.

During a confessional, Josh said: “I’ve never been so happy just to be able to cut grass and to keep money coming in and to not worry about finding another job.”

Sugar Bear added in a private interview that Josh is “a good guy,” noting that “his family includes Alana.”


Sugar Bear concluded that Josh is a ‘good guy’[/caption]

He continued: “I know Jennifer’s gonna be mad with me, but I got to do what’s right by my daughter.”

On last Friday’s episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption, Pumpkin had her plans to keep her pregnancy a secret derailed when Jennifer shared the news at Ella’s birthday party.

The revelation was shocking to both June and Alana, with Pumpkin’s mom asking: “How could you tell Jennifer before you even tell your own mother?”

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Jennifer revealed Pumpkin’s pregnancy during last week’s episode[/caption]

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