TONIGHT’s ‘Road To The Finals’ special episode of the hit reality show detailed behind-the-scenes looks at the season as the finale nears.

As clues pile up for the identities of the remaining contestants, fans of the Masked Singer have very specific guesses – including a fan-favorite game show host.

One Twitter user guessed that Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik could be underneath the Ringmaster‘s costume.

Though no contestants will be eliminated in tonight’s episode, the all-new special is expected to give details into the dramatic journey of season seven as rumors of next week’s guest panelist circulate.

Two singers were unmasked last week, leaving Prince to battle against Firefly and Ringmaster in the grand finale.

Space Bunny was eliminated first and revealed to be Shaggy, as Robin guessed, plus the Queen Cobras were unmasked next and revealed to be the R&B group En Vogue, which Nicole correctly guessed.

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  • Natasha Bedingfield takes the stage

    The singer is performing her classic song “Unwritten.”

    It was announced that Natasha will be hosting the Masked Singer’s national tour this summer.

  • Firefly’s new clue

    Firefly revealed her new clue: a skateboard.

  • Firefly’s highlight reel

    Firefly said that she wanted to start her Masked Singer journey to prove her talent to people.

  • Twitter guesses for Prince

    Many Twitter users believe that the singer in the frog mask could be Broadway star Jeremy Jordan.

    Other fan guesses include:

    • Derek Hough
    • Skylar Astin
    • Cheyenne Jackson
  • New Clue

    The Prince revealed a new clue to his identity: a howling wolf.

  • Other Ringmaster guesses

    Twitter users have thrown out many suspects besides Hayley Orrantia for Ringmaster, including:

    • Carrie Underwood
    • Jennifer Nettles
    • Miley Cyrus
    • Christina Aguilera
  • Twitter’s guesses

    Masked Singer fans on Twitter are making guesses that the Ringmaster could be actress Hayley Orrantia.

  • ‘Fabulous and fun’

    Robin Thicke guessed that the Prince has a “fabulous and fun” personality.

    The panelist also guessed that they might be a Broadway singer that he isn’t familiar with.

  • Prince in the spotlight

    A look back at Prince’s journey shows that they feel emotionally connected to the songs that they’ve picked for their performances.

  • New clue

    In the round-up, the Ringmaster explained that the panelists couldn’t decide whether she was a country singer or a pop star.

    The masked contestant then revealed that she had a new clue to hint at the Ringmaster’s identity: the girl scout logo.

  • Behind the scenes

    The behind-the-scenes footage shows the top-secret disguises that contestants have to wear into the studio.

    In the studio, they practice singing with vocal coaches and choreography with professional dancers.

  • ‘Dead serious’

    Panelist Jenny McCarthy said that she would shave her head if Ringmaster didn’t win this season because she felt so strongly about their voice.

    “I was dead serious when I said I would shave my head,” Jenny said in a clip.

  • ‘Vocally challenging’

    Ringmaster said that she’s always loved to sing and that she was happy to show her love for music by choosing vocally challenging songs like “The Climb” and “I Will Always Love You.”

  • A look back at Ringmaster’s journey

    Unseen footage of Ringmaster dancing backstage was shown.

    “Where else could I perform in a way that no one would ever expect from me?” Ringmaster said.

    She went on to say that she has a bubbly personality underneath her costume.

  • Ringmaster’s comments

    “I’m going to keep singing for the rest of my life because it’s what I truly love to do,” Ringmaster said to host Nick Cannon.

  • Tune in!

    An all-new episode of the Masked Singer is live NOW on FOX.

    Tune in to watch the special episode now!

  • Natasha Bedingfield’s upcoming performance

    The singer tweeted that she’ll be on tonight’s episode of the Masked Singer.

  • Who is Rudy Giuliani?

    Rudy Giuliani, an American politician, and attorney was born on May 28, 1944, in New York, New York, and famously served as Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001.

    Giuliani was the US Associate Attorney General from 1981 to 1983 and the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 1983 to 1989 before becoming Mayor of New York.

    He is a Republican Party member who is most known for representing Donald Trump.

  • What happened during season 7 filming?

    Prior to the seventh season of The Masked Singer’s air date, Rudy Giuliani was exposed as one of the first candidates to be eliminated.

    Judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke reportedly rushed off the stage in protest after Rudy Giuliani’s identity was revealed during Season 7 taping, according to Deadline.

    It was revealed that Giuliani wore the Jack in the Box costume, and was on Team Bad.

  • No backstage interactions

    Contestants are not allowed to interact backstage or listen to each other’s performances in order to preserve anonymity, according to Variety.

    Contestant Drew Carey said in an interview: “I was under the impression when I signed up that all the celebrities would be hanging out and we’d get to talk, and then we’d put on our masks.

    “But then I found out, you don’t even know who anybody else is. They keep everybody separate.

    “I never saw anybody until we were doing pictures together in costume. We’re under strict orders not to talk to anybody.”

  • Who was eliminated last week? continued

    Space Bunny was revealed to be the artist Shaggy before he was sent home.

    The judges to correctly guess Space Bunny’s identity were Robin and Nicole.

  • Who was eliminated last week?

    On last week’s episode, Queen Cobra was the second character of the night to be eliminated.

    Before it was revealed that Queen Cobra was the group En Vogue, the judges put in their guesses.

    The judges guessed Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, En Vogue, and SWV.

    “We loved coming on here because it took us out of our comfort zone,” the group said.

    “It’s such a great show and it was a great experience for us, so we are grateful.”

  • When to tune in

    The Masked Singer is back tonight.

    The “Road to the Finals” special is only an hour long, and airs at 8pm on Fox.

  • Why isn’t the finale on tonight?

    Tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer is not the finale, but instead features a look back at the season so far.

    The episode is the “Road to the Finals” special and won’t feature an elimination of any of the contestants.

  • Contestants must keep voices disguised

    On the Masked Singer, to hide the identity of the person speaking, voices are heavily changed.

    Even when speaking with the host, they must keep their discussions and exchanges brief, reports Cheatsheet.

    This is done to keep their true identity hidden until the big reveal.

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