Image caption “Hunt for the mole at the FO,” is the headline on the Metro front page, as the paper covers the fallout from leaked memos setting out the UK ambassador to Washington’s candid views of the Trump administration. The paper quotes a senior MP saying the leaker should be prosecuted.
Image caption The US president’s aides have called for the UK ambassador to be sacked for his views, the Daily Telegraph reports. The paper’s main picture features Boris Johnson looking directly at the camera as he licks an ice cream festooned with a Union flag.
Image caption The leak suggests to some insiders that government is “no longer functioning”, says the Financial Times, quoting one diplomat saying “there is no point having us” if “we can’t tell the truth”. The paper’s main story is Deutsche Bank’s 18,000 job losses, which end a 20-year attempt to break into the top ranks of Wall Street.
Image caption Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson faces a “showdown” with about 30 of his party’s MPs who want to block a no-deal Brexit, the main story in the Times reports. The paper also reports that the rise of online shopping has had an unexpected effect: more postmen are bitten by dogs as people open their doors to receive parcels.
Image caption “Boris: No-deal Brexit is nothing to fear,” says the headline in the Daily Express. The paper says that Mr Johnson aims to present concerns about leaving the EU without a deal as another “Project Fear”, referring to the unsuccessful Remain campaign in the 2016 referendum.
Image caption NHS operations are being cancelled because consultants have begun working to rule in a stand-off over pensions, The Guardian reports. It also covers a UN warning that disasters caused by climate change are now happening at a rate of one a week worldwide.
Image caption The i newspaper focuses on the “outcry” over Labour’s threat to sue staff who break non-disclosure agreements, part of the ongoing row about the party’s handling of anti-Semitism and bulling claims. The paper says deputy leader Tom Watson deplores efforts to “silence” officials.
Image caption “Labour civil war explodes,” cries the Daily Mail in its coverage of the anti-Semitism row. The paper says that Mr Watson has warned he will use Parliamentary privilege to defeat any gagging orders against ex-staff, calling the attempts to stop whistleblowers “stupid”.
Image caption Following the christening of baby Archie, the Sun reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are planning to add another family member – a dog. The paper says the Duchess plans to tour shelters for a suitable rescue pet to be a childhood companion for her son.
Image caption “End school holidays rip-off,” demands the Daily Mirror, protesting at findings that getaways can cost 81% more in the summer break. The paper reports that some people want to see school breaks staggered to prevent soaring costs.
Image caption But the Daily Star has good news for those spending the summer at home: despite some downpours this week, Britain has four more heatwaves in store. “Summer is saved,” the paper declares in its headline.

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